In a recent discussion in this space, I had linked to the opinion of the Critical Drinker, a reviewer whose judgment I trust and whose humor often amuses, about the new offered product by Disney and Marvel, the live action SHE HULK, ATTORNEY AT LAW.

As a fan of the John Byrne run in the comics (see above), I decided not to attempt to watch. I am not inclined to believe the quirky humor and charm, nor the cheesecake would be reflected in any version postmodern fourth-wave corporate feminism could possibly produce. Promotional materials (see below) in nowise tempted me to doubt that inclination.

An argument broke out in the comments section which regrettably  resulting in high drama and hurt feelings. Regardless, the points proposed were sober: namely that the live action version should not be criticized for a lapse in drama, if it served a comedic purpose successfully; nor if the lapse were excused due to lack of run-time or resources; nor if it were addressed in a later episode.

Finally, a point was also made that no one who had not seen the episode should venture an opinion.

With this last point I wholly agree. For that reason, I myself voiced no opinion on the merits of the show, nor will I. To judge prior to seeing evidence is seen is rightly called prejudice, and this is a shortcoming rigorous thought avoids.

Nonetheless, my curiosity was piqued as to what opinions others, who had seen the show, would venture. In a very unscientific and very lax review of the reviews of others, I detect a general pattern of discontent.

For any reader curious about my curiosity wishing to review my review of reviews, I here gather a list.

(As ever, language warnings for nearly all these entries. We live in vulgar times, and vulgarisms are a commonplace as street dropping in Dem cities.)

1. This is from Mr. Reagan, a political and cultural commentator whom I admire and follow. His title: She Hulk is the Worst Show I’ve Ever Seen. 

2. Critical Drinker: She-Hulk:  It’s Anti-Fun

3. Penguinz0: I Finally Watched She-Hulk

His comment is noteworthy in that he says “if you only looked at YouTube titles about this show, you’d probably believe this show somehow gives you gamma radiation just from watching it.”

Since I am here listing all these Youtube titles, I concur.

4. Sydney Watson: The failure of feminist Hollywood

Miss Watson appeals to my silly sense of humor. I may watch her more.

5. JLongbone: She-Hulk: The WORST of Phase 4

6. Lewis Films: I Fell Out of Love with the MCU

7. It’s a Gundam: She Hulk EP2: How to write a Comedy without the laughs

8. The Little Platoon: She-Hulk – Nobody’s Laughing 

9. PSA Sitch: She Hulk : Modern Culture is Destroying Comedy

10. Nerdrotic Daily (Friday Night Tights): Is ‘She-Hulk’ The WORST Marvel TV Show?! | The M-She-U STRIKES AGAIN!!!

11. Disparu: She-Hulk DESTROYS Its Story ACCIDENTALLY – Attorney At Law Marvel MCU

12. Movie Overload: Why The MCU is Falling Apart

13. Dave Cullen: She-Hulk: WokeFest: The Fall of the MCU

Dave Cullen is a man whose insightful commentary I particularly admire. If you are unfamiliar with him, he is worth seeking out. Alas, in this particular essay, he salutes the false idols of diversity and inclusion, indicating a lapse in his thinking.


This baker’s dozen is more material than one need watch, nor am I suggesting any of my dear readers waste his time doing so. Nonetheless, even random samples of a few should adumbrate the general tone of the criticisms.

Some of these are reviewers I know and follow, but others are strangers to me, whom I include for reasons of completeness, in case they had a good word to say about the show.

None did.

While this does not prove in any logical fashion that a person of my taste will dislike the show, the hearsay is sufficient to quell my curiosity.

Indeed, this line of dialog, almost by itself, is sufficient to quell my curiosity:

“I control my anger infinitely better than you!!” Jennifer screamed.

“Ok,” Bruce calmly replied.

This is not the way John Byrne presenting the character, who was charming, funny, fun, and, most of all, feminine.