Draconian Outlaw 3: Something for Nothing

Draconian Outlaw is now posted.

Three of Six.

Your humble author’s attempt to imitate Ayn Rand in the chapter is muted a bit in favor of his attempt to mimic Keith Laumer.

If you have not read any Keith Laumer, allow me to recommend him: he writes readable page-turners, comedic or tragic, that brush up against some deep questions but never really dwell on them. He is not preachy at all. Stylistically, he mimics Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammet, and his heroes are hard-boiled tough guys who know how to take a beating.

My favorite novel of his is DINOSAUR BEACH, and favorite short is “A Relic of War”.

I should warn any reader unfamiliar with Laumer not to read any book of his written and published after THE ULTIMAX MAN. For health reasons, the quality of his work suffered.

But readers familiar with Laumer will no doubt recognize that LeClerc is eluding a Bolo tank, or something much like it.