Let’s You and Him Fight

Nearly every political pundit I regularly follow has decided to reward Donald Trump saving the free world from the endless midnight of tyranny had Hillary been in office when the Wu Han “Great Reset” was released with gross ingratitude, and recommendations that he excuse himself from the public stage. This group recommends promoting Ron DeSantis as a replacement, or perhaps Glenn Youngkin.

One of few exceptions to his trend is one called Mr. Reagan.

His theory, in a nutshell, is that Lindsey Graham proposed a bill to ban abortion nationwide, a bill with zero chance of passing the Democrat-controlled Capitol and White House, in order to provoke the Democrat base to the ballot box, and undermine the expected Red Wave. Meanwhile the Trump-endorsed candidates were grossly underfunded by Mitch McConnell, as sabotage, so that if and when these candidates underperformed, Trump could be blamed. Meanwhile deep-pocket donors approach DeSantis and Youngkin as a possible replacement for Trump in 2024, rather than as a running mate, and create a conflict of interest between men who are natural allies.

Trump, who is not a politician, naturally resents the betrayal involved, and tweets mean tweets. These are emphasized and publicized, when the provocation that provoked them goes unmentioned.