Meanwhile, in a Timeline one Radian Away

To those who scoff that voting is in vain:

Imagine the pandemic panic and lockdowns if Hillary had been in charge, not Trump.

The fact that Trump never used the excuse handed to him with both hands to expand the reach of federal power beyond its constitutional limits during this alleged emergency is as unusual and astonishing as George Washington refusing to be crowned, or Cincinnatus the Dictator of Rome returning quietly to work his farm.

Hillary would not have refused power. No state nor local administration would have been permitted autonomy.

She have completed the work of the great reset. We would now, not later, be living in green-newdeal pods, under continuous brownouts, eating bug-burgers, owning nothing and being happy, as genderless units of the total surveillance state, money replaced by electronic social credit scores.

It would have been finished and complete by now.

Imagine stagflation following immediately upon Obama’s recession, without three years of the greatest economic growth in world history.

Imagine the state of the Middle East if, instead of the Abraham Accords, we had the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Muslim bomb.

Imagine Ukraine taken four years ago, and Russian troops in Eastern Europe, the Chinese in Taiwan. That events would be in our regrets of the near past by now, had Hillary won, not in our fears for the near future.

Trump voters saved the world.

Doubt not the dignity and magnitude of that triumph.

Then gird up your loins and go vote.