Management of Post-Vaccine Syndrome

A reader brought this to my attention, and asked me to help boost the signal.

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance has posted guideline for the treatment of those injured by the so-called COVID vaccine (technically, not a vaccine). The mainstream media and medical establishment, as well as the government, continue to deny and downplay this reality, and this topic may still censored on social media. 

Nonetheless, people injected with the inoculation may suffer a variety of damaging side effects, include sudden death. The FLCCCA has published some guidelines, as a public service, I thought it wise to pass on. 

The words below are theirs. 


Major public health authorities do not recognize post-COVID-vaccine injuries and no specific ICD classification code exists for this disease. However, while no official definition exists, a temporal correlation between receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and the beginning or worsening of a patient’s clinical manifestations is sufficient to diagnose a COVID-19 vaccine-induced injury, when symptoms are otherwise unexplained by concurrent causes.

Since there are no published reports detailing how to manage vaccine-injured patients, our treatment approach is based on the postulated pathogenetic mechanism, clinical observation, and patient anecdotes. Treatment must be individualized according to each patient’s presenting symptoms and disease syndromes. Chances are, not all patients will respond equally to the same intervention; a particular intervention may be life-saving for one patient and completely ineffective for another.

Early treatment is essential; the response to treatment will most likely be attenuated when treatment is delayed.

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