Seedcorn 4: Starving in Abundance

Seedcorn is now posted.

Three of Four.

THIS episode contains the only scene I really thought was well done, at least, given the youthful greenness of my quill, which was the fight scene with a paintbrush.

Again, copying another writer’s style, I also attempted to adopt her worldview: and consequently the soldiers are somewhat less masculine and soldierly in their approach than would have been had I written in my own voice.

The ending is on an ambiguous but perhaps hopeful note, as mimicking the ending of LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS or THE DISPOSSESSED.

And so we say farewell to the Ekumen of Ursula K LeGuin. I will never offer this story for publication for money, and she has gone to discover the truth about the Dry Lands beyond the farthest shore.

I hold her to be a fine writer, one of the best in the field. She came from a time before 2015 when the Sci Fi field was not poisoned with politics and political correctness, and one could love a writer’s work without agreeing with the writer’s opinions as a civilian.