January Sixth: Half-Truth, Untruth, Antitruth

Tucker Carlson has begun showing some of the security footage from the Capitol Building taken during January Sixth.

This evidence confirms what common sense knew from the first: that the day did not involve was not a riot, not a trespass (since the public was invited into the rotunda by the police) and barely deserved the name of a public disturbance. There were minor acts of vandalism.

No one was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. There was one murder: that of Ashley Babbitt. Jacob Chansley, whom the press dubbed “the Q-Anon Shaman” did not lead an armed revolt against the government. He led a prayer asking heaven to bless the police.

I always knew from first hand eyewitnesses that the characterization of the day as violent was a lie, and an outrageous lie, for I had family members at the gathering.

So I knew since that day that there was no noise, no disturbance, no sounds of sirens or loud commotion was audible or visible to those within a hundred yards of the building. There were no police rushing to the scene, no SWAT teams, no National Guard. Not even a fire alarm was pulled.

The footage shows a protest, gathered lawfully, under color of a legal permit. Members of the crowd were invited into the rotunda by the Capitol police, and filed through the velvet ropes. Certain hooligans — almost certainly Federal officers acting as agents provocateur — smashed windows and tried to stir the crowd to violence.

Because the protestors were patriots who love the republic and revere the public symbols thereof, the agents provocateur were unsuccessful.

So the news media, acting in concert, pretended there had been violence anyway.

The police then opened fire on the crowd with tear gas and flash grenades, and attacked them. These are the images shown on continuous loop as part of the unconvincing propaganda campaign.

The one thing the day clearly was not was an insurrection. The one thing no protestor could honestly be called was an insurgent.

“Insurrection” is a legal term, that has a technical meaning: “Insurrection consists in any combined resistance to the lawful authority of the state, with intent to cause the denial thereof, when the same is manifested, or intended to be manifested, by acts of violence.” This quote is from Black’s Law Dictionary, quoting the Georgia law defining the term.

Peaceful protest of a stolen election is not resistance to the authority of the state, but the opposite: and attempt to return state authority, in precisely the fashion set forth under Constitutional law, that is, under state authority.

More to the point, “Insurgent” is defined as “One who participates in an insurrection; one who opposes the execution of law by force of arms, or who rises in revolt against the constituted authorities.”

No one was armed that day, aside from the Capitol police. No one died that day, aside from one undersized young lady, veteran of military service to our nation, shot from behind by police, without warning and without legal justification.

One cannot invite someone into one’s house, claim him to be trespassing, and lawfully shoot him. Such a shooting is murder.

It must be mentioned in passing that the mother of the murdered girl has been harassed and arrested by the police while attempting to hold a peaceful prayer vigil in her memory.

The footage shows a peaceful protest of an election mismanaged by fraud. Not only did they have cause to protest, it was their civic duty. Any man reading these words who did not go to protest the certification of a stolen election has failed in his duty, and must hang his head in shame.

Any man who still harbors doubts about whether the election was usurped by fraud perhaps lacks any head to hang. The number of sworn affidavits by poll workers willing to testify to falsified or unsigned ballots being counted is beyond number. That the voting laws were changed unconstitutionally at the last moment, not by state legislatures (as the Constitution unambiguously demands) but by local polling officers or judges is undisputed.

On that fateful day, certain congressmen, including Ted Cruz, were prepared to make a motion not to certify the election until after an investigation could confirm that the voting was legally valid and legitimate. There was no possible honest objection to this. Instead, the Nancy Pelosi, apparently believing her own snake-oil that the America First movement was a violent group of rebels, refused Trump’s offer of National Guard to ensure peace, gathered a camera crew, and made sure the Capitol police were understaffed. Federal undercover agents, including Roy Epps, then attempted to provoke the crowd into storming the building, which they did not.

Disappointed at the lack of any violence from the crowd, the press edited together selective footage of the police tear gassing the innocent protestors and beating them, or struggling over the fencing the Feds were tearing down, and prepared a false story of an insurrection. This falsehood was promoted anyway, and all voices speaking honestly — the sitting President first among them — were censored and banned from social media. We now know, thanks to Elon Musk, that the social media companies were being bribed and threatened and controlled by federal agencies.

In a just world, those who called it an “Insurrection” or referred to the protestors as “Insurgents” should be punished for libel, preferably by having their tongues slit.

It was a lie, and they knew they were lying, and we knew they were lying, and they knew we knew — and they lied anyway, because they knew no one would ever answer for these lies.

The only insurrection which took place that day was the Deep State, allied with the Fake News and Big Tech, Wall Street and Hollywood, not to mention various Satanist pedophiles among our elite, overturning the democratic electoral process, and establishing a permanent harassment campaign of Christians, Catholics, Parents opposing Groomers, and Americans generally. This harassment and intimidation campaign is ongoing.

The innocent have been arrested on flimsy pretexts, held incommunicado without charge, and sentenced to absurdly draconian periods of incarceration.

No one has been punished for the events of January Sixth. No one has been held accountable. The insurrection — and I refer to the real insurrection, which ignored and usurped the results of the 2020 national vote — is ongoing.