Shapers of Worlds Kickstarter Announcement

My colleague Edward Willet, host of the podcast Worldshapers, is raising funds for the fourth annual anthology of stories from guests of his podcast.

The fourth Kickstarter is now live—it runs until April 13. Here’s the link:
Mr. Willet mentions that this year’s anthology, SHAPERS OF WORLDS VOLUME IV, will feature original fiction by David Boop, Michaelbrent Collings, Roy M. Griffis, Sarah A. Hoyt, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Noah Lemelson, Mark Leslie, Edward M. Lerner, David Liss, Gail Z. Martin, Joshua Palmatier, Richard Paolinelli, Jean-Louis Trudel, James van Pelt, Garon Whited, and (ahem) Edward Willett, plus stories by James Kennedy, R.S. Mellette, and Lavie Tidhar.