Tucker Carlson at Heritage

Sorry for the sound quality. In this clip, starting at 10:50, talk show host Tucker Carlson, the sole redeeming feature of Fox, expresses a desire to reassess the terms we use to describe what we see in current events.

Please note his mention of the fact that all cultures practiced infant sacrifice save one and one only.

This is the same one and only culture that recognized the equal dignity of women, forbade divorce, polygamy, contraception and other practices deeply harmful to women, the only culture that upheld the dignity of the poor, forbade witchcraft and fathered the scientific revolution, forbade sodomy and pederasty, animal sacrifice, and abolished slavery.

The Manhattan, DC and Hollywood concur in a worldwide attempt to sexually groom, abuse, and mutilate children, rendering them unable ever to have orgasm or to reproduce. They concur in infanticide. They concur in the abolition of everything feminine in women, everything masculine in men. They concur in the abolition of human liberty, prosperity, and innocence. They concur in the erasure of history, memory, tradition. They concur in race-hatred against Europeans and Jews. They concur in the abolition of meat from human diet. They concur in the abolition of human life from the world. They hate you with a deep and unvarying hatred.

If this cannot be called “evil” then the word has no meaning.

The current Culture War is a Holy War. It is a war of good against evil.