Scuttlebutt Song

This is from the live-action reversion of Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID

I post this link merely as an excuse to repeat some choice words from the wags in the comment section:

I love how inclusive Disney has become. They went through all this effort to make a song deaf people could enjoy since they will never understand how terrible it actually sounds.

Davis Denver

I work as a detective. Whenever I’m trying to get information about a murder, I play this song to the suspect until he answers my questions. Ever since this song dropped, I’ve been solving more cases than ever. Thanks, Disney! :)


This song is magical, play it to someone in a coma and he will get up immediately to turn it off.

Alejandro Martinez Andrade

This song is amazing, I use it as an alarm clock and I wake up an hour earlier to avoid it ringing.


I want this song to play at my funeral. That way I’ll wake up from the dead and come back just to turn the speakers off.

Nick G

What a motivational track! Relieves all the pressure I put on myself knowing nothing I ever do or say will be as violently awful as this song. Thanks to all involved.

Nick S

Thank you Disney for this masterpiece. I finally have the perfect song to play every time I answer a call from Scam Likely.

Brandon Muse

This song has inspired me to dedicate the rest of my life to discovering time travel. Hopefully one day I can travel back to a time when this song doesn’t exist.

Professor Curious

I want this played at my funeral, so everyone gets a little taste of the hell that I’ll probably be in.