Unhumanity Part V: Big Brother is Green

Continued from prior columns. Christendom is no longer Christian, but Woke, which is to say, benighted with a proud pretense of enlightenment leading civilization to self destruction, and souls to damnation.

This ideology, here proclaimed “the Ideals of Death,” arose after the time of the Terror in France, ironically self-proclaimed “the Age of Reason.” This ideology is the latest in a long line of long-hidden cults, heresies, and crackpots reaching back to antiquity, called the esoteric tradition.

The esoteric tradition takes the form of philosophies, ideologies, and radical movements in the modern day: Hegelianism, Marxism, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Gender Ideology, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionalism, but also ecological and political movements, as Climate Panic Ideology, Globalism, and the Great Reset.

These various modern ideologies are one and the same philosophically and theologically with their ancient and medieval precursors, forming an unbroken historical tradition, differing only in application: one army under one banner fighting on multiple battlefields.

Philosophically, each promotes, literally or tacitly, nihilist metaphysics, self-contradictory logic, mystical epistemology, relativist ethics, antinomian politics, non-objective art, and esoteric theology: Reality is unreal, dependent on human will, and is created in ongoing evolution by a clash of opposites.

Theologically, each promotes Hermetic theodicy, Gnostic soteriology, Alchemical anthropology, and Neoplatonic eschatology: Evil emanates from the godhead, salvation is by rebellion, man is god, and the end of man is pantheistic reabsorption into the godhead from which all things emanate.

Nominalism, which holds words to be arbitrary; hypocrisy, which dismisses ethical standards; and syncretism, which holds all religions to be one, are recurring essentials of the esoteric tradition.

Previous columns have proposed that Hegel is a philosophy-flavored version of Boehme, who is a Christian-flavored Neoplatonist. Both are Gnostic in outlook, hence both firmly in the Esoteric tradition.

Marxism, by his own admission, is a materialistic version of Hegel. Cultural Marxism is a cultural version of Marxism: and when applied to the sexes, is Feminism; to sexual perversion, is Gender Ideology; and ; to race relations, is Critical Race Theory. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, also called Intersectionalism, is the doublethink amalgam of these mutually contradictory Cultural Marxist theories. Everyone is both oppressor and oppressed, both and neither, at the same time and in the same sense.

1.     The Ten Horns of the Beast

The political and environmental movements springing from modern wokeness or witchcraft are both easier to identify and harder to define, since each one disguises itself as some legitimate policy concern either unrelated to esoteric theosophy or opposed to it.

However, it is to be emphasized that esotericism is always a parasite or virus infecting a healthy host, adopting the terminology and outward show of its victim, in order to replace its essential features, but exploit the prestige the host once possessed.

We now consider Climate Panic Ideology, Globalism, and the Great Reset.

1.1.  Climate Panic Ideology

The several resources of timber, minerals, and wildlife when held in common create an incentive for individuals to extract or exploit such resources without prudent replanting or preservation. Likewise, air and water grow polluted when no individual industry has an incentive to curtail its pollution, but the cumulative effect degrades the environment. For this reason, communal laws to conserve and preserve commonly owned wilderness reservations, and to curtail or clean air and water of pollution, are necessary.

Such was the effect of conservationist movements from the time of Teddy Roosevelt to that of Richard Nixon: The United States was blessed with sufficient wealth to shoulder the burden of antipollution laws without undue loss, as were certain other First World nations.

Likewise, game laws were enacted to enforce prudent maintenance and preservation of game animals and other species useful to man, to minimize the odds of driving a useful animal to extinction by over-hunting or over-fishing, as had happened with the Dodo bird or the Passenger Pigeon.

These are legitimate policy concerns.

Cultural Marxism infiltrated and corrupted conservationist movements and legal institutions charged with antipollution laws, gradually expanding their mandate to the preservation of any and all species, whether useful or not, including subspecies and breeds indistinguishable from the main breed, as when Spotted Owls were declared endangered, but Owls in general were not. The mandate was expanded to include the preservation of weeds, bugs, and vermin of no possible use or interest to general humanity.

Likewise, instead of visible and malodorous pollutants obviously offensive to eye and nose, undetectable and then imaginary threats to the public health, or to the environment, were prioritized. Acid Rain, DDT, Alar, depletion of the ozone layer, carcinogenic effects from radio towers, chlorofluorocarbons, were all said to be deleterious, supported by politicized junk science. All were hoaxes.

Crackpot theories of global cooling and global warming and global climate change, on the other hand, were supported by no sober science whatsoever, but grew into a billion dollar Climate Panic-mongering industry. These were not even hoaxes, because no attempt was made to convince the honest skeptic. Instead, skepticism was likened to Holocaust Denial, and demonized. All pretense at scientific neutrality was dropped, and the public was commanded to believe the government-sponsored spokesmen in labcoats, oracles of The Science, which to doubt was anathema.

There are dozens and scores of climate regimes in various regions of the globe. To seek a single cause producing a predictable effect is magical thinking, mere witchcraft.

Symbolic acts of no possible ecological impact, or whose impact is negative, such as recycling, green energy, electric cars, paper straws, were imposed as a regime. This is also magical thinking, mere witchcraft.

The explanation of the difference between the atmospheres of Venus and Earth involves a greenhouse gas theory stating that Venus has a thermal inversion layer in her atmosphere that returns more heat to the surface than escapes into space. No such layer is present in the Earth’s transparent atmosphere, nor can be. The declaration of carbon dioxide to be a greenhouse gas, when it is breathed out by every animal organism in existence, microscopic or otherwise, and breathed in by every plant, microscopic or otherwise, is less dignified than magical thinking: it is mere madness.

Yet on this basis, the sober conservationist movement has degraded into a lunatic ideology, and decreed worldwide goals to be the abolition of all human population growth, all human energy use, human industrial activity, human consumption of beef.

The scaremongering of overpopulation cultists needs a word of explanation. The concept is incoherent: there is no such thing as overpopulation. Malthus himself, who first raised the specter of this non-issue, retracting his findings before the end of his life.

There is no such thing as overpopulation because population numbers conform to their environment naturally, whenever war, famine, or disaster do not strike.

For example, the density of industrial-urban population found on the Island of Manhattan could not be maintained were they to live as did the Lenape Indians inhabiting the island before them, as roving bands of hunter gatherers.

However, absent the industrialization and urbanization which civilized Manhattan, the population would not have grown to its current numbers in the first place.

The idea that Manhattanites will starve if sufficient deer herds are not maintained on hunting grounds in Manhattan wilderness is merely silly. Yet that is the idea of saying Manhattan’s population is too large for its original environment. If the population does not outnumber the food sources maintained and produced by that population in its current environment, the environment is not overpopulated.

The idea famine is inevitable unless population growth is artificially curtailed is stupid.

The scarcity or abundance of any given resource is not directly correlated to population numbers. This includes the resource of acreage of cultivatable land. Each new birth is a new mouth to feed, but also is a new pair of hands to work. Births lead to adults. If an adult is productively employed, he creates more resources than he uses, by admixing his labor to what was previously unused or underused in the environment. He contributes a net gain.

Overpopulation ignores the contribution of human ingenuity and labor to the efficient utilization of resources. The acreage of the Isle of Manhattan is the same now as when the Lenape tribe roamed there, but the number of people able to thrive there is astronomically higher. The natural resource  of land acreage has not expanded, but the resource of human work has.

Population growth does not cause starvation. Empirically, the opposite is observed: industrialization introduces rapid population and growth, but also a drop in infant mortality, and a rise in obesity.

Famines can arise from several causes, including plagues, adverse weather, wars, depressions. The sole cause of famine in the Twentieth Century was Socialism.

The collapse of civilization or the disruption of trade can indeed cause scarcity of certain staple foodstuffs, but this is due to an overabundance of catastrophe, not due to insufficient contraception or insufficient infanticide. Even so, the cause is war, not overpopulation, for it would come about just the same were the population twice or half its numbers.

For example, when the Mohammedan conquered Egypt in the Seventh Century, the Roman Empire was cut off from major croplands. At that time the population of Rome was half that of the current population of Manhattan.

Climate Panic Ideologues, however, take the atmosphere of Venus and the Fall of Rome to be the likely if not inevitable outcome of population growth and industrial activity: in the name of averting looming global doom, they demand a socialist totalitarianism be immediately imposed on all sectors of the economy, all energy use, all human activity.

Bitcoin — a computerized fiat currency with no physical reality — according to the Panicmongers, contributes millions of metric tons of carbon emissions. Let the absurdity of that sink in for a moment.

To date, the only human activity not expressly condemned as contributing to global climate disaster is the arson of federal buildings and police stations during race riots. Let the stark hypocrisy of that sink in for a moment.

An industrial activity provoking particular enmity from the Panicmongers is the use of petroleum products, which they mistakenly identify as non-renewable. There is not one iota of empirical evidence showing any depletion of known oil reserves, and in fact, the opposite is the case: even without taking into account extraction from shale oil, the amounts of known oil reserves has increased since the Nineteenth Century.

Peak Oil panic is akin to fretting that we will drink up all the potable water in ten years, drain all wells dry, all perish thereafter of thirst, with only camels alive to stalk the ruins.

Make no mistake: Climate Alarmism is an ideology as well as an global industry, and it has as little to do with the scientific study of the environment as Marx has to do with economics, or Hegel with philosophy.

Panicmongers currently claim that the scientific consensus is unambiguous, the findings beyond dispute, and the discussion is over; when, in fact, no credible scientific study supports the greenhouse gas theory, or any other aspect of any of the several environmental panics visited as boogiemen upon the quaking public in the last five decades. The Global Warming narrative (one cannot dignify it by calling it an hypothesis) was based on a false-to-fact computer model unable to correctly calculate or predict any climactic correlations. The computer model is fake, and has been as entirely debunked as Phlogiston Theory, or the Geocentric Model.

Climate Panic is also a mythos and a death-cult. It is a series of interconnected stories or mythic images appealing to buried Jungian archetypes, all directed toward a global death-wish, the depopulation of nations, and the extermination of mankind.

The main image of Mother Nature, oft called Gaia, depicts the pagan mother-goddess as raped and ravaged, plundered and befouled by mankind, here the despoilers, and never the stewards, of nature. The storytelling image of Man is the same as that of the Yahoos of Houyhnhnmland from GULLIVER’S TRAVELS: except that the Greens are in deadly earnest, whereas Swift was a satirist. Like the Houyhnhnms, they contemplate how to castrate or curtail the population of these loathsome creatures, or exterminate them altogether.

In interview recent at the time of this writing, a WEF member, Dennis Meadows proposes reducing the world population from eight  billion to one billion, wiping eight out of ten people from the globe. He says this will require a strong but benevolent dictatorship to accomplish, and he hopes it can be done peacefully. A cool and rational Houyhnhnm contemplating how to cull Yahoo numbers might also wish it done reasonably, without undue pain or commotion.

Please note that no real conservationist aims for any aim of the Greens, who are, in truth, Reds in drag. Not one advocates for erecting nuclear power plants, nor even for planting trees, to change the carbon emissions into the atmosphere; and from recycling to electric motorcars to windmills to paper straws, all advocate for measures which, even if executed perfectly, would have negligible effect, or none, or be counterproductive. The rare earth components of electric motorcars, for example, entail strip mining of dangerous chemicals, and the production of more coal-powered electricity to feed to charging stations; likewise for components of windmills and solar panels, who ironically contribute more to pollution — when taken as a whole — than clean coal or natural gas.

The measures to correct the imaginary doomsday are always advocated in terms of panic. Each prediction of doomsday is placed ten or twelve years in the future, which is far enough away to make it feasible that no evidence of doom is obvious to the layman, but near enough to excite hysteria.

I am old enough to remember the panic in 1970 that a new Ice Age would descend by 1980, or the 1980 prediction of mass starvation by 1990, or the 1990 prediction of the Ice Cap melting by 2000, and so on. Like crackpots who predict the Second Coming, as each doomsday date passes serenely by, the gullible never once doubt the revised prophecy immediately forthcoming.

I am also old enough to remember that the 1970 Global Cooling panic advocated curtailing Western industries by submission to a socialist government as the only possible solution. The 2000 Global Warming panic, prompted by the exact opposite fear, advocated curtailing Western industries by submission to a socialist government as the only possible solution. The current Climate Change panic — a concept so vague as to be meaningless — advocates curtailing Western industries by submission to a socialist government as the only possible solution. When a man gives you the same solution to opposite problems, it is clear he care nothing about solving any problems. He is selling snake-oil.

The only common thread is that the measures advocated by the Greens, regardless of the problem, require additional overreach by the state, or by the world community. The only common thread is advocacy of Globalism.

1.2.  Globalism

Cosmopolitanism is the catch-all term referring to various efforts to organize and unify international trade, immigration, intellectual property law, criminal and civil law. The efforts see a decrease of international friction and factionalism as their goal, eventually leading to a global alliance of all nations, or to a global confederation, federation, imperium, or utopia.

To organize and regularize international trade, and to deter wars and encourage peaceful resolution of disputes by international arbitration, is a reasonable proposition, and involves legitimate policy concerns.

Dreams of a New World Order, where the sovereignty of nation-states is curtailed or abolished, citizens of various nation-states become subjects of a world bureaucracy, or serfs, or faceless and sexless cogs in freakish utopian schemes erected by ambitious social engineers, on the other hand, are not reasonable, not legitimate, and involve the abolition of church, family, nation, culture, tradition, and, eventually, the abolition of man.

This is called Globalism, a term meant to differentiate the healthy concern for world peace and order from the unhealthy ambition of totalitarian plutocrats and socialists supporting the New World Order. At the moment, the abolition of sexual norms, and the normalization of contraception, abortion, and sexual deviance, is the prime concern of the Globalists, and for this reason, the term Globohomo is sometimes used.

Globalist efforts are promoted by world leaders, intelligence services, diplomats, jurists, think tanks, advocacy groups public and private, celebrities, industrialists, and leading figures in banking and finance, such as members of the World Economic Forum, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove. At the moment, there is no one clear leader, no single Antichrist directing all efforts.

Each has different piecemeal aims, and uses different rubric to hide their meaning, but the general trend and drift of the efforts is unambiguous: surprisingly, many such leaders openly admit in public statements the goals sought and the means attempted to reach them.

Some are more alert and self-aware than others. Since the whole of these efforts is based on deception and self-deception from start to finish, some are less blameworthy than others, and may be only gullible, motivated by human gold-lust and power-lust, rather than satanic, motivated by inhuman lust for chaos and destruction.

The World Economic Forum is one of the latter, and is foremost among the several forces promoting Globalism.

1.3.  The Great Reset

The World Economic Forum, in a rare example of candor, expressed their desire to use the China Virus panic to initiate structural changes to global political economy, ushering  in the next stage of progress toward the New World Order.

The panic was used as an excuse to impose a physical lockdown on the world population, impose strict censorship of speech and press,  open and close businesses and churches and public gatherings by fiat, and impose a regime of medical injections without the consent of any patient or doctor.

What we wore on our faces and how far apart we stood in public were made matters of draconian law, ignoring, or contradicting, the scientific data of the effectiveness of these measures, and the age and conditions of those on whom they were imposed. All discussion of the data, and of alternative cures, was censored and forbidden.

The quarantine was not of the sick, but of the healthy, and any business or activity pleasing to the elite, such as bars, strip clubs, or race riots, was permitted. Churches and temples were closed.

Moreover, the policy herded vast numbers of people to making purchases online, which undermined and bankrupted local businesses and benefited global plutocrats controlling those few online markets. Similar control measures were put in place to track people by their cellphones or facial recognition from public cameras, in the name of contact tracing. The entire world became a Panopticon, the jail ward of solitary confinement.

The main accomplishment was visiting a depression on Western economies, and undermining confidence in the US dollar as the world reserve currency. The aim is to shift all economic activity to a digital currency which can be monitored hence controlled on an individual basis, to reward or prevent particular activities, such as buying a firearm, using idle time incorrectly, reading or publishing forbidden material. One’s bank account would be centrally controlled, to allow funds to be frozen or deleted to punish  facecrime or thoughtcrime.

This policy was called the Great Reset.

That so many national and cultural leaders, businessmen, media moguls, celebrities and trusted experts cooperated in this usurpation remains shocking, or that so many so thoroughly and enthusiastically participated in a worldwide fraud.

Lie upon lie was propagated to justify the lockdown, with truly inhuman indifference to suffering and death in astronomical numbers. It is an appalling shame and condemnation of this generation. Future historians will grope for explanations, aghast and dumbstruck.

The three basic components of the Great Reset were (1) an amalgam of corporate power with state power, called “stakeholder capitalism”, which would remove consumers from their sovereign position in the economy, and place all industrial activity under control of elite bankers, investors, and officers of the state; (2) a metric called “environmental, social and governance (ESG)” scoring, whereby corporations would be rewarded or punished according to their degree of cooperation with environmentalist and social justice policies; (3) technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, gene editing, and the global interconnectivity of telecommunications, collectively known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, would replace prior systems.

The World Economic Forum in publicity material stated clearly and openly their vision for your future: you would eat bugs rather than beef; live in rented pods rather than own your own home; goods and services would be rented rather than owned, delivered by drone rather than found in a market. All human activity, both at work and at leisure, would be monitored and measured, judged and condemned, rewarded and punished until it conformed to ESG scores and social credit scores. You would own nothing and be happy.

These components of the Great Reset, if called by non-Orwellian hence honest terms, are these: (1) the amalgam of corporate power and state power is correctly called Fascism (2) the aims of normalizing perversion, disintegrating the family structure, promoting hatred between the races, in order to dismantle society and impose serfdom is correctly called Cultural Marxism (3) a particularly grotesque type of utopian scheme to make men into godlike beings by biotechnological abolition of human nature is correctly called Transhumanism.

At this point, the utopian and social engineering aims of these three policies could not be more clear. Quite simply, the Great Reset is the first step to the achieve the philosophical and theological aims of the Witches of Woke by direct political economic action.

2.     Serf and Swells

In the normal course of history, nations are formed by alliance among tribes and city-states sharing language, religion, and culture, expanding into empires that impose a common law and culture, or breaking into nation-states along line of shared language and denomination. Unlike an empire, which can be multi-ethnic and multi-cultural when one race, speaking one language, practicing one religion, holds all conquered peoples in awe, a nation-state requires a single language, culture and religion to remain intact, or, at least, a dominant majority able to hold conquered minorities in awe.

The main motive keeping dissenters loyal to the nation-state is fear of other nation-states, albeit the convenience and prosperity of peaceful trade within the nation form a secondary motive promoting unity. The common unity of a nation is generally based on a common threat.

But in the case of a proposed World-State, there is no common threat from without, no Wellsian invasion from Mars. Nor can any regional threat be used: one cannot build a World-State on the basis of an alliance against a mutual threat posed by Russia or China, since, by definition, a World-State needs must include them.

The main drivers toward unity have been fear of world war and a desire for regular and orderly international trade and migration. The League of Nations and the United Nations, which were erected to serve world peace and international trade have proven woefully inadequate to serve as a basis of a World State.

Hence common threats of sufficient terror to tempt nations into allowing their sovereign privileges and immunities to be transferred to global elite must be discovered or invented. The Climate Panic Ideology is ready-made for this purpose, since no one climate regime on the globe is threatened by the apocalyptic yet oddly vague menace of cooling or warming or changing: the climate apocalypse threatens all climates on the globe, ergo only communal global action can save us, that is, all nations agreeing to serve one accord or one authority.

Related doomsayer panics promising economic collapse, famine due to overpopulation, resource depletion, environmental catastrophe, massive diebacks, or the general breakdown of industrialized civilization can be and have been added to the central theme of Climate Panic where needed. An emphasis on “sustainability” may take center stage, displacing Climate Panic, since this is a broader and vaguer concept, calling for the management of all human activity whatsoever, not merely energy use.

However, unlike a nation-state, the world has no one religion, language, or culture. This requires the Globalists to seduce, urge, or impose each nation and people to foreswear their particular gods and customs, and bow down to the idols of the Globalists, which just so happen to be the selfsame idols identified at length above: Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Pervertarianism, and Anti-White Racism. The Globalist hostility to Christianity, their antisemitism, is sufficiently well attest to need no comment from me.

Globalist alliance with terrorist Jihadism is a matter of convenience: Christians form a common foe and obstacle to the ambitions of both. Globalists and Jihadists also hate the Jews for reasons admitting of no natural explanation. The fact that Globalist ambitions contradict Jihadist ambitions will eventually lead to a divorce between the two; when that happens, Globalists in Western media and in Western intelligence services will simply cease funding and supporting the terror-masters.

Their use of minorities to promote race riots or population replacement is likewise an alliance of convenience fated to be betrayed. The Global Elite perceives the traditional and Christian population of tradesmen, factory hands, small business owners, farmers, and the middle class in general, as the enemy. Outcasts, the oppressed, and factions among social outsiders, or any who can be convinced that they suffer oppression, can be unified by their mutual resentment for the more central and powerful elements of society, including the elite itself: this is why we see the odd spectacle of “woke” companies funding Wall Street riots against themselves. The Elite perhaps believe the outsiders can be shoved outside once their usefulness is done.

See the sudden disappearance of Black Lives Matter from all headlines once their usefulness was done, as an example.

The Globalist vision of utopia is of an impoverished underclass of sunken serfs, voiceless and powerless, ruled by a small cadre of ultra-rich swells, themselves.

These political aims of the New World Order are indistinguishable from similar aims by Marxists, or the theosophistical aims of Hegel, Boehme, Hermes Trismegistus, Plotinus, Valentinus and Simon Magus: the absorption of all individuals into a collective, salvation by rebellion against the current world-order, and the abrogation of all moral norms and standards.

That such aims cannot be served without a belief in non-real reality, non-truthful truth, non-objective ethics, ugliness as beauty and man as god, is clear enough not to need repeating.

The Elect wish to assume on Earth, in this life, the sovereign position to which their spiritual supremacy entitles them: not through any particular work or talent on their part, nor martyrdom, nor conspicuous acts of piety of charity, no. They have the shard of gold within their souls that you lack, you lowly peasant, you unevolved beast-man, you deplorable. They did not earn their superior status: their god has decreed it, and their god is them. The idea would be comical, were these egomaniacs not so wedded to riot and war and genocide to have their way.