Conspiracy Theory or Spoiler Alert?

My Comment: this is not the half of it.

I can double this list, off the top of my head, of things denounced as conspiracy theories later admitted or proven true.

  • CIA involvement in JFK assassination
  • Manmade origin of COVID in Chinese lab
  • Fauci funding thereof
  • FBI false flags framing Trump supporters
  • Press falsely claims January 6th being a riot
  • Press falsely claims January 6th being an insurrection
  • Press falsely claims January 6th being an insurrection lead by Trump
  • Operation Mockingbird
  • Operation Mockingbird controlled press falsely claims January 6th being an insurrection lead by Trump
  • Operation MK Ultra
  • Atrazine turning the Frogs gay
  • Antifas being real
  • BLM being not real
  • Replacement Theory
  • Arizona Election Fraud
  • 2000 Mules
  • Chinese influence over Hollywood

These are just those either admitted or proved beyond reasonable doubt.

I will not list climate hoaxes, overpopulation hoaxes, or various Green New Deal scares, because despite the fact that the Ice Cap did not melt in AD 2000, nor did India starve to death in AD 1990, nor did human life end in AD 2015, the perpetrators of these hoaxes have not stopped, nor even slowed, their well-funded efforts.

I will not list Rittenhouse-as-racist, Covington Kids, Jesse Smollett, Mostly Peaceful Protests, “Good People on Both Sides”,  Fentanyl Floyd, Michigan Gov Kidnapping, Pee Tape, N-Word tape, and so on, which we were called “deniers” or “conspiracy theories” for doubting. The list is too long.

One can still find current articles on the internet calling Alex Jones a conspiracy theorist for saying the lockdown was orchestrated to lower voter security hence prevent Trump’s landslide re-election — this, despite an article in the Atlantic admitting as much. Likewise for Jones saying Biden has fiscal ties to Ukraine in a money laundering scheme. Mainstream news is still gaslighting as hard as they can gas on this issue.