Sudden Catastrophic Downfall?

Trenchant observations from of

He begins:

Strange Days

Videos of widespread military vehicle maneuvers around our nation popped up on the Web at mid-weekend while the American citizenry went about its holiday weekend business (including Father’s Day revels and “Juneteenth” celebration mass shootings): Scenes of armored personnel carriers rolling down Walnut Street in downtown Philly; B2 bomber wings over Minnesota; Tank columns galumphing along a California highway… leading to widespread suspicions that something untoward is up. Durned if I know what it is.

Among things one can know: The “Joe Biden” presidency is whirling around the drain in plain sight, and with it, likely, the Globalist hopes and dreams of making everybody eat bugs while they take away everything you own.

Last week, audiotapes surfaced of the main parties to the Ukraine grift (Biden and Poroshenko) working things out in 2016 over the phone in “JB’s” final days as vice-president. Meanwhile, the House Oversight Committee has got its mitts on Biden family bank records galore detailing the abstruse money-laundering activities that were run through obscure European banks and innumerable Biden shell companies. Well, sonofabitch…!

It’s getting hard even for Democrats to ignore the accumulating evidence of the Biden family’s global grift operation, and “JB’s” obvious advancing mental deterioration, provoking moves that should lead to his ejection from office.

A few paragraphs along, Mr. Kunstler reminds the reader of what such an ejection might entail:

Let me lay it out: Absolutely no one believes that Vice-president Kamala Harris is up to the job of stepping-in when “Joe Biden” gets bum-rushed out of the White House. Nor, I’m sure, are they willing to force her to resign hastily without a substitute vice-president (say, Gavin Newsom) in place — a cumbersome process that requires approval by both the House and Senate. But if Harris were flat-out forced to resign, then Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) would automatically become president.

     Mr. McCarthy is, arguably, just another houseboy of the now-heinous administrative state (or deep state, or permanent bureaucracy, or blob, as it’s sometimes called). But he is not a Democrat, and is subject to the fractious pressures in the Republican Party, and could plausibly be induced to fire-and-replace post-haste the whole honking host of seditious rogues running the executive agencies — from AG Merrick Garland, to FBI Director Chris Wray, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, Treasury Secretary Yellen… every last one of them — which could even lead to prosecutions of these scoundrels.

      Any way you cut it, it looks like the sudden catastrophic downfall of the Democratic Party

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My comment:

…the sudden catastrophic downfall of the Democratic Party… From your lips to God’s ear.

Since the administration of Bill Clinton, the old political system, which was corrupt, but still kept peace and order tolerably well, has degenerated, slowly then rapidly, through the stages of criminal racketeering scheme, to Banana Republic regime, to freakish and satanic child-castration death-cult.

It is a small step from bribery and extortion to treason, but a large step from their to sodomy, pedophilia, genital mutilation, devil-worship. The Old Gods of child-sacrifice, self-mutilation, and all the unholy practices of Moloch and Ashtart have returned, merely under new names of choice and pride.

The Press takes the lion’s share of the blame. They must be destroyed once the monster they created falls.