Idle Thoughts on A Deep Issue

At first, I was as aghast as any man at the spectacle of Russia conquering territory in Europe, first Georgia under Bush, then Crimea under Obama, and now Ukraine, under Jill Biden.

Naturally, like most Americans, I thought it the duty of the Western Powers to unify and support Ukraine, as the attacked party.

But how much support? And for what gain?

What American interest is involved?

The fact that the drumbeat for war was from all the same folk, Dem and GOP, who are Trump haters and Nevertrumpers, leads me to suspect that pro-war is a policy to put America First or make America Great.

Just because the worldwide conspiracy of satanist pedophiles from the WEF favors the Ukrainian War is not a logically sufficient reason for a detached and dispassionate Vulcan-minded intellectual like myself to oppose it, but it is sufficient to discuss opposition to it. That such discussions are subject, not to rebuttal, but cancel-cult retaliation, is a sufficient reason to place the burden of proof on the pro-war hawks in this case.

I am open to being convinced. Patriotic emotional appeals to a nation not my own is insufficient.

I have no animadversion to the people of Ukraine. They are, in fact, the only folk on Earth with a legitimate reason to be grateful to Nazis, for Nazis opposed Stalin, who orchestrated a famine that drove Ukrainians to the crime of Saturn.

In the Soviet days, large numbers of Russian-speakers moved into Ukraine, displacing the Ukrainian speakers in the Western regions of the country, and ground them underfoot. This imperial majority became the minority when the Soviet Union disbanded. For obvious reasons, the Russians in Russia support them, and do not want to see the abuse their fathers heaped on the Ukrainians returned to them.

The American State Department arranged a coup to overthrow the democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych, who, while he wanted economic ties with the West, also wanted a close relationship with Russia, which displeased the State Department.  Volodymyr Zelenskyy was installed instead, as a leader more favorable to the West, that is, a puppet. The Ukrainian parliament revoked the official use of minority languages, including Russian, three days after the 2014 coup. Eight years of war between the Ukrainian native-speakers and ethnic Russian Ukrainians followed, killing of over 14,200 people. 1.5 million people were displaced. All this was prior to the Russian Federation’s invasion last year.

I myself have no opinion on whether the State Department coup was right or wrong, and my knowledge of “realpolitik” is insufficient to say when the US needs must back a puppet of ours, versus abandon him when he grows expensive and inconvenient.

Nor do I have a strong position on whether we should honor Russia’s desire not to have NATO expand into Eastern Europe, or at least be wary of it. This, particularly since NATO members do not pay their agreed 2% of GDP share of the military budget — only eight out of  31 countries have done so.

There is also the question of whether the West agreed to limit NATO expansion into former Soviet Bloc terrain after the reunification of Germany. Since fact-checkers call this false, I assume it is true.

Prudence would seem to suggest not provoking a nuclear armed Russian Federation when we stand nothing to gain.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is being pounded into rubble, albeit the death tolls I have heard recently on the news are comparable to civilian life in Chicago.

The fact that Russia has nukes pointed at our cities adds a layer of urgency to the discussion. The fact that America has Fauci biowarfare labs in Ukraine undermines trust I would normally extend to Western leadership.

Again, since Ukraine was involved in massive bribes to the Biden crime family, and a money-laundering scheme involving FTX cryptocurrency with the #2 top donor to the Democrat Party, and that attempts to investigate Ukraine corruption was what triggered the fake impeachment of Trump (not to mention Joe Biden boasting on camera that he threatened to withhold a government loan to Ukraine unless a Ukrainian state prosecutor investigating his son’s influence peddling in that country were fired — which he was) I have most sincere doubts whether Ukraine is an American ally.

An ally of the Biden crime family, assuredly. But ours? What does Ukraine do for our interests? Or, rather, what does Ukraine do for our interests that is so significant that their ethnic oppression of the Russian-speaking minority in their nation is something we wish to fund, and to have continue?

I am impatient with attempts to curtail debate by not hearing the Russian side of the issue. This is not a war worth fighting to the point of unconditional surrender, therefore a negotiated settlement must be entertained, which include the national interests of the enemy.

I am not sure what to make of it, but the topic fills me with disgust.

If Trump were a Russian spy, by all means, let us put him back in office, because apparently Russian national interests include  maintaining peace in Europe and preventing Russian conquests.

Apparently Russian national interest also includes curtaining Russian oil sales to Germany, strengthening NATO, eliminating Islamofascists, creating peace in Kosovo and the Middle East, negotiating denuclearization with North Korea, and curtailing the ambitions of Red China.

Whereas, not having a Russian spy running the White House leads to the Afghanistan debacle, Chinese expansion into Cuba, stagflation of the American economy, transsexualizing the US military, supply line crises, energy shortages, train derailments and food supply arson, open borders, skyrocketing crime rates, massive voter fraud, and dethroning  the dollar as the world reserve currency.

And, for some reason, Russia wanted a conservative Supreme Court to strike down Roe v Wade, and return the question of prenatal infanticide to the states. Who knew?