Caviezel, have both expressed support for some of the QAnon’s movement’s wildest claims. … the idea that child traffickers drain children’s blood to harvest a life-giving substance called adrenochrome.

It cannot be overemphasized how tenuous this association is. Guilt by the most remote imaginable association, as it were. The lead actor, in his private life, has a belief about adrenochrome harvesting from children, which he has mentioned in public. Whether true or not (I myself assume it is true) this is not in the film, not promoted by the film makers, the distributors, nor by Ballard, on whose real life acts the film is based. The Q-Anon also promotes this belief is neither here nor there.

There more, but they are mostly parrots of these three.

I will not post links to twitter, but if you wish, you can find Leftwingers accusing Caviezel of being an anti-Semite on the grounds that his accusations that certain rich and powerful conspirators fund illegal medical operations harvesting adrenochrome from exploited children is somehow just the same as a medieval “blood libel” where Jews were accused of killing children to bake their blood into matzah bread. As best I can see, the only relation between the two, is the word “blood.”

And certain parties online — again, distaste forbids me providing links — associate this film with “Pizzagate.” Promoting or watching this film, so we are warned by nutjobs on the Left, while encourage more episodes akin to this.

For those of you blessed with short memories, or blissfully immune from this weeks’ installment of extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds, the “pizzagate” incident was Dec 2016, where a gunman named Welch showed up at a pizza parlor Q-Anon rumors had linked it to a Satanist pedophilia ring trafficking children, and tried to open a locked door to a storage room.

No one was harmed. Welch never pointed his weapon at any person. He shot a door, a desk, and a wall.

Ted Kennedy killed more people at Chappaquiddick Bridge than Welch in the pizza parlor by a ratio of 1:0.

Please note that the Q-Anon rumors had not claimed at children were at this location. This was Welch’s own belief, originating with him. Q-Anon claimed only that the ring used the pizza service to pass coded messages to each other.

Like the murder of Matthew Shepherd by his gay lover during a drug deal gone bad, or the manslaughter of Heather Heyer during the Charlottesville riot when a driver panicked and accelerated his vehicle away from rioters attacking him, this is an example of the Left blaming the Right for some random act of violence having nothing whatever to do with the Right.

The political beliefs of the Ping Ping Pizza gunman, of Shepherd’s murderer, or of the panicked motorist in Charlottesville are not matters of public record. The link between Welch and QAnon, between Babbitt and any alleged insurrection to overthrow the Federal Government, or Caviezel and QAnon are tenuous at best.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, spoke at a KKK rally. Does this make her a Klansman? Or does it merely mean she has certain ideas in common with the Klan, namely, hatred of Negroes?

Unlike BLM and Antifas riot, arson, and murder, unlike the cold-blooded murder of Ashli Babbitt on January 6th in a shocking act of lawless police brutality, these are nowhere promoted, prompted, or applauded by any public figure on the Right.

And yet we are expected to believe that seeing a well-made, popular, low-budget law enforcement film about child slave-trade will trigger countless gray haired church-ladies to take up assault weapons and start shooting up pizza parlors.

Such is the state of public discourse in the West, circa 2023 A.D.

Now, the dirty, dirty smear merchants would not have revved up the smear machine except for two reasons: (1) to create dissention between Left and Right on an issue where we otherwise would agree (2) to protect and promote Satanist pedophilia slaver-organlegger rings.

Based solely on a desire to cheat the dirty, dirty smear merchants of their aim, I would strongly suggest each and every one who reads these words buys a ticket, or several tickets.

The movie, sight unseen, is highly recommended.