32 Climate Hoaxes

A short video on a favorite topic of mine:

I am given to understand the YouTube, in their invariable Pravda fashion, adds a disclaimer to the gutter of any video mentioning eco-fraud, saying that Climate Change is real, is caused by humans, and scientific study proves unicorns can cure it with their magic horns, or the cryptic virtues of amethyst. I have an browser addition that blocks these little notes from the volunteer Thought Police department, so I am blissfully undisturbed.

For those of you keeping track:

1. 1958 New York Times: Ice-free Arctic within 70 years.
2. 1967 Salt Lake City Tribute, quoting Paul Ehrlich: Global famine by AD 1975.
Involuntary mass sterilization needed to curtail population growth.
3. 1970 Boston Globe, quoting James Lodge: Ice Age by the 21st Century.
4. 1971 Washington Post, quoting NASA: Ice Age within 50 years.
5. 1972 Brown University: Global climate deterioration due to Global Cooling.
6. 1974 Guardian: Ice Age coming fast.
7. 1974 Time Magazine: New Ice Age.
8. 1978 New York Times: No end in sight to cooling trend.

A year later, the same paper with the same somber urgency, was reporting the opposite.

9. 1979 New York Times: Global climate catastrophe. Ice-free Arctic within 70 years.
10. 1982 New York Times, quoting UN: Environmental catastrophe by AD 2000.
11. 1988 AP: Global Warming: Maldives drowned by rising sealevel within 30 years (AD 2019).
12. 1989 San Jose Mercury, quoting UN: Global Warming: nations drowned AD 2000.
13. 2000 Independent: Snowfalls a ‘thing of the past’ in England within ‘a few years’.
14. 2001 Albuquerque Journal, quoting George Hurt: Climate-change to kill New England maple syrup industry.
15. 2004 Guardian, quoting secret Pentagon report: Climate change will trigger nuclear war, submerge major European cities, Britain ‘Siberian’ by AD 2020.
16. 2006 AP, quoting Al Gore: Greenhouse gas. Point of no return in 10 years (AD 2016).
17. 2007 New York Times, quoting UN: Point of no return by 2012.
18. 2007 Canwest News: Ice-free Arctic by AD 2010 or 2015.
19. 2007 AP, quoting NASA: Ice-free Arctic by AD 2012.
20. 2007 BBC: Ice-free Arctic before AD 2013.
21. 2008 Xinhua (Chinese News), quoting Norwegian official: Ice-free Arctic.
22. 2008 New Scientist Magazine, quoting director National Snow and Ice Data Center: Ice-Free Artic by AD 2008 (that year).
23. 2008 National Geographic, quoting scientist: Ice-Free Artic by AD 2008 (that year).
24. 2008 AP, quoting NASA: Ice-Free Artic by AD 2013 to 2018.
25. 2009 USA Today, quoting Al Gore: Ice-Free Artic by AD 2014.

Note that on or about this time, circa 2010, the Glacial National Park erected signs warning that all glaciers would be melted entirely away by AD 2020

26. 2012 Australian: Snow gone by AD 2020.
27. 2013 Guardian: Ice-Free Artic by 2015, will trigger methane catastrophe.
28. 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: Climate Changes to curtail Australia’s ski industry.
29. 2018 Forbes, quoting Harvard University: Ice-Free Artic by AD 2022. Chance of any permanent ice remaining is “essentially zero.” (Despite these odds, 5.6 million square miles remain.)
30. 2018 Greta Thunberg, autistic schoolgirl, quoting ‘Top Climate Scientist’: Humans to go extinct if Climate Change not fixed by AD 2023. All humanity to perish unless fossil fuel use stopped within five years.
31. 2021 LA Times: No Snow in California by “sooner than you think.”
32. 2022 Bloomberg: End of Snow threatens to upend 76 million American lives.

Please note that in AD 2020, Glacial National Park (see above) removed the signs predicting the glaciers clearly looming above the sightseers were to have had vanished by now.

My comment: Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, rather, is a Convenient Untruth, as well as being very, very lucrative.

Had even one prediction been an honest mistake, it would have been admitted and corrected long since, and perpetrator himself would have warned the unwary young to be treat the next claim coming down the pike with healthy skepticism.

Instead, the opposite. Each false alarm is shrieks with redoubled vehemence and half the common sense as the prior. The unity of the experts quoted is a dead giveaway that dissent was being suppressed, and that the experts were nothing of the sort.  All of them reversed their claims within the same year: AD 1979.

Even after the famous 1919 observation of the Solar Eclipse, proving gravity could curve light validated Einstein’s theory, the received scientific opinion did not reject the prior standard model unanimously, not overnight, not for years.

To think that the much more nebulous claims of the Climate Doomsayers, based on foggy reams of evidence open to ambiguous interpretation in a field without a clear theory , or even a general theory, of the environmental mechanisms involved, or their myriad synergistic interactions, for each different climate regime on Earth could and would and did actually convince an independent group of scientists in a single hour, much less the main body of the scientific community, is beyond absurd.

It is as absurd as Joe Biden getting 99% of the vote in a single hour in a jurisdiction where he had been polling at 60%. It is mathematically unlikely, or, to quote a phrase, “the chances are essentially zero.”

I have met many a man not much younger than I, utterly unaware of the predictions of the coming Ice Age whose clamor filled my ears during my schoolboy years. It has gone down the memory hole. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

Press-quoted experts cried Global Cooling to be a crisis so near and large that the sole cure was the institution of a new world order armed with the power to curtail and ration American industrialism.

Without pausing to clear the throat or wink an eye, the press-quoted experts turned on a dime, and in unison cried Global Warming to be a crisis so near and large that the sole cure was the institution of a new world order armed with the power to curtail and ration American industrialism.

As decades passed, and the global climate showed no continued trends of either cooling nor warming, press-quoted experts cried Global Climate Change to be a crisis so near and large that the sole cure was the institution of a new world order armed with the power to curtail and ration American industrialism.

In a trial at law, if the evidence of one case is precisely the opposite of the evidence of the next case, and yet the third case has nothing to do with either of them, and yet the verdict is the same in all three cases, this is proof positive that the verdict is not based on the evidence.

In real medicine, one disease requires the opposite treatment of another, as when old granny advise to starve a cold and feed a fever.

But only among Alchemists, and other junk-science cult crackpots, can there be there a universal medicine or vital elixir that cures all diseases regardless of symptoms, and turns base metals into gold.

Climate experts are alchemists. Like them, they have a great pretense of knowledge and of sacred knowledge, and can browbeat any skeptic into silence with windy and technical explanations of the calcination, conjunction, coagulation of salt, sulfur, and mercury to extract quintessential elements in an athanor.

The Alchemist can produce reams of statistics and studies concerning the occult properties of Saltpeter, Litharge, or Liver of Sulphur, Flowers of Zinc, or Salt of Wormwood, and show their relation to astrological influences and afflatuses.

It is all mere verbiage, of course, a shows of learning without the substance, but the UN will shower the alchemist with grant-money, and the East Anglia University will doctor the evidence to hide his lack of results.

Like scaremongers claiming to be able to cure the weather on a worldwide scale, the Alchemist claims to be on the brink of discovering the Philosophers’ Stone, which will turn base metals into yellow gold — but so far have proved unable even to turn cream into yellow butter.

The secret is that the latter-day alchemists do not actually want to turn anything into anything, except to turn you and yours into serfs. We now know from the Twitter Files that the Federal government was suppressing facts and opinions contrary to its lust for power. Project Mockingbird, a CIA effort to infiltrate and direct the newspaper and broadcast industry, is a matter of public record. The New World Order, once  a speculation of conspiracy buffs, is now a matter of mainstream discourse, based on far more clear and convincing evidence than Chicken Little alarmists can concoct or misrepresent when wailing about the coming Ice Age.

Or is it a coming Heat Wave? At times, it is hard to keep track.