At Long Last…Guardians of the Twilight Lands

Jagi here.

The Unexpected Year of Rachel Griffin

When I started writing this series, in 2011, I decided to set it in the same year as the roleplaying game it was based on–the far-future year of 2023.

Rachel Griffin’s first day of school, when she wakes up to hear the Lion talking to the Raven, takes place in the wee hours of the morning of September 4th, 2023.

Which is today.

In honor of Rachel’s first day at Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Art, here is The Sixth Book of Unexpected Enlightenment: Guardians of the Twilight Lands:

An old enemy returns!

With the Heer of Dunderberg dead, Rachel Griffin is determined to save her beloved Roanoke Academy before time runs out, but to do this, a new covenant must be forged with the island’s fairies. On top of this, an old enemy has escaped and might reappear any moment

Rachel has learned not to wish on stars, but what should she do when she yearns for help? She is troubled by other questions, too: Where do the dead go? What became of her beloved late grandfather? Most annoying of all, with such a wonderful boyfriend, how can she be in love with two boys?

As her fourteenth birthday approaches, the answer to these questions awaits her, along with wonders such as she has never seen.

But there are terrible things ahead, too.

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