Verhoeven reviewed by the Dark Herald

Today’s must-read review of a sciffy flick that came out in 1997 as an unfaithful adaptation of a speculative fiction novel from 1957.

I am not allowed to say or type the name of this film, since it bears the same name as a well-loved mil-SF novel that founded the genre. But if I may quote:

None of Robert A. Heinlein’s works have ever transferred well to the big or even the little screen and you’re right they haven’t.  All of the pictures that have been made from them have been bad in their own way.    Destination Moon was in no way even close to Rocket Ship Galileo and Heinlein himself worked on the script.  The Puppet Masters was dull and badly paced.   Predestination, came the closest but again kinda boring and they ruined the ending. None of them are much good.

But here is the thing, while none of them ever felt like a Heinlein book, there was at least respect for the works they were based on, even if they couldn’t get the vibe right in the film adaptation.

Starship Troopers’ open hatred of its source material stands in stark contrast.  This is a film version of a book that appears to have been put together by its most virulent critics. Every single groundless criticism ever leveled at the novel was painted in great big sweeping brush strokes on the big screen.

My comment: Every word of this review I applaud, and, indeed, every letter, down to the jot above the iota.

Please read.

RE:View Starship Troopers

A personal note: the only thing I like about this film is Casper van Dien, because he starred in Thrill Seekers (also known as The Time Shifters), a TBS 1999 science fiction television film directed by Mario Azzopardi. I wrote the treatment of the film, so the ideas are mine.

You can see it here:

It is better than Verhoeven’s schlock film.