Net Worth

Net worth before his term as president and after.

  • Trump—3B to 2.3B, loss of 700 million
  • Obama—1.3M to 70M, gain of 68.7 million
  • Bush—20M to 40M, gain of 20 million
  • Clinton—1.3M to 241.5M, gain of 240.2 million

Notice who profited the most.

3 USC 102: Compensation of the President of the U.S. Code reads, in part: The President shall receive in full for his services during the term for which he shall have been elected compensation in the aggregate amount of $400,000 a year, to be paid monthly, and in addition an expense allowance of $50,000 to assist in defraying expenses relating to or resulting from the discharge of his official duties. Any unused amount of such expense allowance shall revert to the Treasury…