Tucker re Trump

This brief political campaign advertisement is one of the most effective in recent memory.

It perfectly sums up the reasons why I, and countless like-minded individuals both at home and abroad, have more than merely a utilitarian and political attachment to Mr. Trump and to the America-First movement.

This is not because he is a flawless man. Surely not. In some ways, Mr. Trump, with his blustery talk and New Yorker boasting, is absurd.

We like him.

We like him because he keeps his campaign promises, the only politician in memory ever to do so. This is because he record actually speaks for itself: and we are not tired of winning yet.

We like him because he is funny. But we more than like him.

We admire him.

We admire him because he is the best politician in living memory, and the only statesman since Churchill worthy of the name. In this present darkness, he is the brightest torch of defiance.

We admire him because he is the first leader in a generation that opposed, slowed, and undid even one footfall of the downfall of the West. But we more than admire him.

We love him.

We love him because he loves our nation, as shown by what he suffers for the nation.

He has paid his dues.

Other GOP candidates are politicians, and smears on them are within the norm for Democrat slander and libel. The smears against Ron DeSantis, the most able governor in the US, calling him a racist Nazi homophobe subhuman, are the boring and unexceptional way Leftists talk about anyone and everyone. Everyone is subhuman to them.

But the hatred against Trump is not a political movement. It is a jihad. It is a war of all that the unholy hold holy — abortion, jew-killing, white-hating, child molestation, child genital mutilation, pro-Hamas, anti-capitalist, pedohomobeastiality, Earth-worshiping, human sacrifice — against all that we hold holy.

And the fact that they pursue this war in the most dishonorable, craven, feckless, spastic, lunatic, cheating, conspiratorial, felonious fashion possible, up to an including arming and funding terrorists groups for mass rape and mass infanticide, merely adds a garnish to the evil.

Trump merits more support from the GOP, from America, and from decent men worldwide, above and over any other candidate, because he has paid more dues than they.

When another candidate gets falsely impeached, falsely indicted, and falsely slandered and libeled as no other figure in American history save for Lincoln, I will hold him in the same respect as I hold Trump.