Extinction Clock, or, Science is not Scidolatry

So far, batting zero.  This is but a small sample, and here the clock itself, ticking down, is not shown here. Please see the original site:


Date & SourceClaimDoomsday DateSuccessful Prediction
June 21, 2018Climate change will wipe out all of humanity says Greta Thunberg®.

From Twitter, quote: “A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”
Related: The now deleted article that Thunberg referenced, quoting James Anderson (Harvard).

June 21, 2023No.
April 18, 2003Crash course towards massive species extinction, says Defenders of Wildlife.

Nina Fascione, Vice President for Field Conservation Programs at Defenders of Wildlife, quote: “Frankly, it looks like we’re on a crash course towards massive species extinctions in the next 20 years […] We could lose one-fifth or 20% of our species within the next two decades. That’s a very short amount of time”.

April 18, 2023No.
July 9, 1971U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming.

From The Washington Post, quote: “The world could be as little as 50 or 60 years away from a disastrous new ice age, a leading atmospheric scientist predicts. […] ‘In the next 50 years,’ the fine dust man constantly puts into the atmosphere by fossil fuel-burning could screen out so much sunlight that the average temperature could drop by six degrees”.

July 31, 2021No.
July 24, 201918 months to take action, says Prince Charles.

From the BBC, quote: “‘I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival,’ said Prince Charles, speaking at a reception for Commonwealth foreign ministers recently”.

January 24, 2021No.
October 14, 2013Climate Catastrophe Will Hit Tropics Around 2020.

From the HuffPost, quote: “The first study to integrate all prior scientific research in order to project approximately when climate change will produce permanent catastrophic consequences has been accepted and will soon be published in the scientific journal Nature, and it finds that things will start going haywire in the tropics at around the year 2020, and in our part of the world at around 2047. […] Nature shares with Science and PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) the distinction of being tied as the world’s three most prestigious scientific journals, and an article is not published in these journals unless it has undergone extremely rigorous scientific peer-revue; so, climate-change deniers will have no professional credibility in attacking this study […] None of this is science fiction; all of it is science fact”.

December 31, 2020No.
December 20, 2009Hoover dam to be a ‘dry hole by 2021’.

From the MSNBC documentary, Future Earth 2025, quote: “As water levels drop, by 2017 hoover dam will no longer provide drinking water to Las Vegas, Tucson, and San Diego. And it stops generating electricity to Los Angeles. And if nothing is done, the reservoir will be a dry hole by 2021”.
Related: Lake Mead Water Level at December 31, 2020.

December 31, 2020No.
September 18, 1995‘[IPCC] Scientists Say Earth’s Warming Could Set Off Wide Disruptions’.

From the New York Times, quote: “At the most likely rate of rise, some experts say, most of the beaches on the East Coast of the United States would be gone in 25 years. They are already disappearing at an average of 2 to 3 feet a year.”.

September 18, 2020No.
June 28, 20173 ‘years left to stop dangerous climate change’.

From The Guardian, quote: “… But while temperatures have risen, global carbon dioxide emissions have stayed broadly flat for the past three years. This gives hope that the worst effects of climate change – devastating droughts, floods, heatwaves and irreversible sea level rises – may be avoided, according to a letter published in the journal Nature this week. […] The authors, including former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, argue that the next three years will be crucial. […] Johan Rockström of the Stockholm Resilience Centre said: ‘We have been blessed by a remarkably resilient planet over the past 100 years, able to absorb most of our climate abuse. Now we have reached the end of this era, and need to bend the global curve of emissions immediately, to avoid unmanageable outcomes for our modern world'”.

June 28, 2020No.
September 5, 2012‘End of Australian snow’ by 2020.

From GriffthNews, quote: “Griffith’s Associate Professor Catherine Pickering has researched the effects of declining snow cover and hotter summers on the Australian Alps. […] ‘We’ve predicted by 2020 to lose something like 60% of the snow cover of the Australian Alps,’ she said. […] ‘In a few years the amount of water that ski resorts will need to make snow is going to exceed the amount of water that’s used by Canberra. And it looks like we are heading back towards dry conditions, so where will they get the water?'”.
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June 6, 2020No.
March 20, 2000Rare snowfalls will ’cause chaos in 20 years time’, humanity will be ‘unprepared’.

From The Independent, quote: “Heavy snow will return occasionally, says Dr Viner, but when it does we will be unprepared. ‘We’re really going to get caught out. Snow will probably cause chaos in 20 years time,’ he said”.

March 20, 2020No.
June 29, 2017Four years to save the Earth: 2020 is the deadline…

From the Daily Mail (UK), quote: “A world that heats up beyond that threshold will face a crescendo of devastating impacts ranging from deadly heatwaves to mass migration caused by rising seas, the experts warned in a commentary published in the science journal Nature. With 1.0 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming so far, ice sheets that could lift oceans by a dozen metres are melting more quickly, coral reefs are dying from heat stress, and ever more damaging storm surges are hammering coastal communities. […] ‘There is a long way to go to decarbonise the world economy,’ according to the commentary signed by former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, three top climate scientists, and two sustainability experts from the business sector. ‘When it comes to climate, timing is everything,’ they wrote. The authors called on leaders set to gather at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, on July 7-8 to highlight 2020 as a make-or-break point for taking action”.

December 31, 2019No.
June 12, 2017Alpine glaciers ‘gone’ by 2020.

From Glacier National Park (Montana) sign: The small alpine glaciers present today started forming about 7,000 years ago and reached their maximum is size and number around 1850, at the end of the Little Ice Age. They are now rapidly shrinking due to human-caused climate change. Computer models indicate the glaciers will all be gone by year 2020.
Related: Glacier National Park to remove all ‘glaciers will be gone by 2020’ signs, from the KPAX.
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December 31, 2019No.
November, 2011Possible ‘adverse health impacts in Australia from climate change’ by 2020.

From Climate Commission’s ‘The Critical Decade: Climate Change and Health’ report, quote: “We need to act now. Decisions we make from now to 2020 will determine the severity of climate change health risks that our children and grandchildren will experience. The longer we wait, the more serious the consequences. […] Figure 8: Possible timeline of some future adverse health impacts in Australia from climate change”. Graphic showing: “Extreme weather events: deaths, hospital admissions, mental health disorders”, “Dengue fever”, and “Gastroenteritis” to increase from 2010 to 2019 cited from an unpublished article by McMichael in 2011.
Related: Dengue fever virtually eradicated from Far North Queensland, scientists say, from the ABC.

December 31, 2019No.
January 18, 2007Snowdon, Brecon Beacons, the Black Mountains, and the Cambrian Mountains will be ‘snow-free by 2020’.

From The Independent, quote: “But Snowdon may lose its snow cover within 13 years as a result of climate change, Welsh scientists say. […] Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) disclosed that this winter’s accumulation is the lowest since records began 14 years ago. With only a couple of snowfalls this winter, the total depths measured are way down on previous years and, if the trend continues, any kind of the cover could disappear by 2020 […] Lembit Opik, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Wales and the MP for Montgomeryshire, said: ‘Snow-capped Snowdon has been an iconic Welsh image for centuries. It is shocking to think that in just 14 years, snow on this great mountain could become nothing but a permanent and distant memory.’ The CCW predicts that the Brecon Beacons, the Black Mountains and the Cambrian Mountains will also be snow-free by 2020”.
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December 31, 2019No.
February 21, 2004President warned ‘climate change will destroy us’.

From The Guardian, quote: “Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters. […] major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world”.
Related: Pentagon-sponsored climate report sparks hullabaloo in Europe, from SFGate.
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December 31, 2019No.
October 16, 200910 year window before climate change is a threat to national security, says Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass).

From the HuffPost, quote: “Scientists tell us we have a 10-year window – if even that – before catastrophic climate change becomes inevitable and irreversible. The threat is real, and time is not on our side. […] Scientists project that the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013. Not in 2050, but four years from now. […] Make no mistake: catastrophic climate change represents a threat to human security, global stability, and – yes – even to American national security”.

October 16, 2019No.
September 26, 1988Maldives to be flooded within 30 years.

From the Canberra Times (page 6), quote: “A gradual rise in average sea level is threatening to completely cover this Indian Ocean nation of 1196 small islands within the next 30 years, according to authorities”.

December 31, 2018No.
August 21, 2016Arctic summers ice-free by 2017.

From The Guardian, quote: “There is a clear trend down to zero for summer cover. […] Next year or the year after that, I think it will be free of ice in summer and by that I mean the central Arctic will be ice-free. You will be able to cross over the north pole by ship. There will still be about a million square kilometres of ice in the Arctic in summer but it will be packed into various nooks and crannies…”.
Related: Arctic sea ice reaches second lowest minimum in satellite record, from the NSIDC.

August 21, 2017No.
December 20, 2009Hoover dam will not longer provide drinking water or electricity.

From the MSNBC documentary, Future Earth 2025, quote: “As water levels drop, by 2017 hoover dam will no longer provide drinking water to Las Vegas, Tucson, and San Diego. And it stops generating electricity to Los Angeles. And if nothing is done, the reservoir will be a dry hole by …”.

December 31, 2016No.

It goes on in like vein for a considerable space.

The earliest entries of the extinction clock star our old friend and utter fraud Paul Ehrlich, to whose arguments Julian Simon put paid long, long ago. The final link below leads to a description of their famous wager.

SPOILER WARNING: Ehrlich lost.

However, his devotees were not dissuaded. That is the difference between a scientific prediction and a witchdoctor prediction. Evidence cannot disprove a belief based not on evidence. Scidolatry is not science.

The belief that science can answer philosophical questions is called scientism, and the worship of science as a substitute messiah is called scidolatry. Credit for this coinage goes to Wm. Briggs.

And what is the batting average for scidolatry, when it comes to climate so-called sciences? How accurate is the Global Warming Catastrophe computer model?  HAL 9000 told me no computer can ever be wrong. Skynet and Uniblab agree.

Note that some of these predictions are from before some of you reading these words were born.

The world was destroyed before you were born, experts say. 

Date & SourceClaimDoomsday DateSuccessful Prediction
April, 197025 years before 75% to 80% of all living animals become extinct.

Sen. Gaylord Nelson wrote in Look magazine, quote: “Dr. S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, believes that in 25 years, somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct”.

December 31, 1994No.
February, 1989Running out of landfill space, says EPA.

J. Winston Porter, from the Solid Waste Dilemma: An Agenda for Action report (executive summary), quote: “But we’re running out of space to bury it in existing landfills; more than one third of the nation’s landfills will be full within the next few years and many cities are unable to find enough acceptable sites for new landfills or new combustors”.
Related: Three Myths about Trash (Mises Institute).

February 28, 1994No.
September 26, 1988Drinking water to ‘dry up’ in the Maldives.

From the Canberra Times (page 6), quote: “But the end of the Maldives and its people could come sooner if drinking water supplies dry up by 1992, as predicted”.

December 31, 1991No.
During 1974Peak ozone depletion increasing skin cancer rates by 1990.

From a United Press International (UPI) report, quote: “estimates report that ozone destruction would not reach its peak until about 1990 […] ozone destruction will result in an additional 8,000 cases of skin cancer by 1990 and at least one prediction that incidence of skin cancer could be much higher”.
Related: Canstat: A digest of facts and figures on cancer (November 2007).

December 31, 1989No.
August 10, 1969Everyone will be vaporized, according to Paul Ehrlich (Stanford).

From The New York Times (page 53), quote: “We must realize that unless we are extremely lucky, everybody will disappear in a cloud of blue steam in 20 years”.

December 31, 1988No.
April 1, 1970Population will completely outstrip food supply, says Paul Ehrlich (Stanford).

From Mademoiselle magazine, quote: “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make. The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years”.

April 1, 1980No.
June 24, 1974New Ice Age, ‘no indication of reversing’, causing droughts and affecting grain-exporting countries.

From Time magazine, quote: “the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. […] satellite weather data for the Northern Hemisphere, they found that the area of the ice and snow cover had suddenly increased by 12% in 1971 and the increase has persisted ever since. […] Scientists have found other indications of global cooling. […] Man, too, may be somewhat responsible for the cooling trend. […] But there is a peril more immediate than the prospect of another ice age. […] Even if temperature and rainfall patterns change only slightly in the near future in one or more of the three major grain-exporting countries-the U.S., Canada and Australia -global food stores would be sharply reduced […] Warns [Kenneth] Hare: ‘I don’t believe that the world’s present population is sustainable if there are more than three years like 1972 in a row'”.

December 31, 1975No.
October 6, 1970America subject to water & food rationing, says Paul Ehrlich (Stanford).

From the Redlands Daily Facts (page 3), quote: “America will be subject to water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980”.
Related: Simon-Ehrlich wager.

December 31, 1973No.