Prayer Request

From our own Stephen J


My 79-year-old mother suffered a bad fall on Friday morning and went into the hospital, and while she was there tested positive for COVID (first test given the day she was admitted came back positive, so she almost certainly didn’t contract it there). The various tests done for physical injuries or things that might have caused the fall have all come back negative, but the COVID symptoms themselves have gotten worse due to stress, enforced inactivity, lack of restful sleep and inability to eat much, so the hospital has put her on antibiotics and antivirals and are keeping her there until the end of the week rather than releasing her tomorrow as originally planned. (My dad has also contracted it, but he’s in generally better shape and has been able to take Paxlovid to fend off the symptoms.)

While the stats these days on mortality, even at that age range, are reasonably optimistic, I would still welcome all the prayers anybody has time to offer. Many thanks, especially to Mr. Wright for creating a community where I can ask this.