CNN Defeats Biden

I saw the strange spectacle of the Trump-Biden debate on CNN last night, and while I am happy that Trump has now has no foreseeable chance of being defeated by Biden, I am unhappy that neither I, nor any political commentator whom I noticed, foresaw that CNN and the cabal directing the DNC would undermine and backstab Biden.

The moderators of the debate, Trump-haters suffering terminal stage-four Trump Derangement Syndrome, maintained evenhanded decorum, ask balanced questions of both sides, and, more to the point, neither fake-factchecked Trump nor favored Biden. It was literally the last thing I expected.

I saw no sign of CNN abusing the power granted it, or adopting any sort of spin or slant. No Leftist ever born beneath the curse smogs of Mordor has ever held power without abusing it. Abusing power is their joy, their lifework, and their sacrament.

But of course they did abuse the power granted them, and carried out the will of Biden’s handlers by undermining Biden.

My reason for my suspicion is that in the hours afterward, the chattering classes on social media immediately erupted into chatter asking how to dislodge Biden and cast him aside. It was shocking. And yet it was not shocking, for one wonders why this was not done months ago.

As best I can guess, Obama-Pelosi-Schumer, or whoever has been running Biden’s Administration, has decided he is no longer useful as their ventriloquist dummy, and led him, a judas goat leading a billy to the abattoir, to be publicly humiliated, and rendered unacceptable even to long-dead voters and Dominion voting machines.

Who will be substituted as Democrat nominee at the last minute is a matter of speculation. If the Dems actually cared about identity politics, they would promote Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton over Harris. I rather doubt they care about identity politics, or anything they say, since falsehood is the heart of their doctrine, and words merely tools used to reprogram the meat robots they regard all mankind to be.

So Gavin Newsom is a likely next puppet, as he has proven himself willing and able to turn California into a socialist hellhole, overrun by aliens. This is a miniature version or dry run of what the cabal envisions for the United States, and the West.

The grave danger is that China will be annoyed at losing the politician they’ve bought, and, unwilling to risk facing a bellicose and competent nationalist like Trump, will take the opportunity to invade Taiwan during the few months while the opportunity remains open.

Likewise, Iran may nuke Israel now, while Biden remains sleeping at the helm, hindered by the Jew-haters of his own party from forming any effective deterrence to the terror-masters.

Likewise, if the cabal of Deep State actors, Marxist fascists, plutocrat socialists, anarchist totalitarians, atheist jihadists, and pedo-satanists seeking the New World Order sees these remaining months as a limited opportunity to cripple the United States from within, and render us ineffective regardless of who occupies the White House, they may enact some staged tragedy, of which the COVID scam was a dry run, and bring an age of darkness to the world whose end no man alive today is likely to see.

But if, on the other hand, this debate was handled as it was because Biden is actually giving orders to his cabal, including to CNN, and he does not realize he is senile and decayed, and if all the chattering class was taken by surprise by the truth they pretended not to know, then we stand on the brink of MAGAtopia, and restoration of the USA, and the West. Sound the trumpets: Civilization is saved.