Cargo Cult Remake

This was remarkably insightful from the immortal Sargon of Akkad:

My comment:

Often we hear cheap, insincere, inferior clones and sequels of once-great franchises called “Fanfic” — much to the discontent of fanfic writers, some of whom are quite skilled.

“Cargo Cult” is a much better and clearer pejorative, as it cuts to the very marrowbone of the issue: the desire to copy the surface appearances of a work of art, while ignoring (or, in most cases, betraying) its heart.

The analysis falls short only in that it does not go on to examine cultural vandalism. The Cargo Cultist actually wanted the goods falling from the sky. The cultural vandals want the goods turned bad. They want filth.

Revolutionaries and radicals always pull down the statues and monuments of the kingdom or regime they overthrow. This is true particularly in the United States these days, when the whole of Hollywood has been suborned by Leftwing nutcase pedosatanists and gender-socialist antichristian agitators.

No major franchise in film, television, nor comic books has been spared from sequels meant to gender-swat, race-swap, de-caucasianize, de-Americanify, and de-Christianize the original. Like pulling down statues of Lincoln and Washington, or burning churches or flags, this is meant to demoralize and dispirit resistance to the revolution.