Knights and Knaves

The most recent talking point from the Enemy is to say that, while Biden was unable to speak, think or function on the debate stage, at least he told the truth, while everything Trump said was lies.

Everything? I watched the whole debate. Trump is not an articulate speaker, and at times he is vague, but I heard not a single lie from him.

The problem I have is this:

Anyone debunk Biden’s lies quite easily, and quote sources. Even Snopes, of all places, lists the “Fine People on Both Sides” hoax as a lie. Shame on them for not being man enough to do the same for the  “Trump said Injecting Bleach cures COVID” hoax, nor the “Losers and Suckers” hoax. )

But I can find no definitive list supporting the claims of Trump lying which quote sources.  I cannot even find a good list of what the lies are alleged to be.

Boasts are not lies, nor is speaking off the cuff, nor are jokes, nor are exaggerations, since none of theses are meant to deceive, nor have the power to deceive anyone but a child.

The  following list is the closest I can find:

2021 CNN listed Trump’s 15 most notable lies from his Presidency. Here they are:

1. It didn’t rain on his inauguration. Trump said that it didn’t start pouring until after he was done speaking. CNN says it started raining earlier.

2. Coronavirus was under control. Note – Biden has said the same thing dozens of times even though almost a million people died on his watch.

3. Sharpiegate. Trump claimed that a hurricane wasn’t going to hit Alabama.

4. Someone in the Boy Scouts told him that he gave the greatest speech ever. CNN said it never happened.

5. Ilhan Omar supports Al Qaeda.

6. The trade deficit with China was 500 billion. CNN says it was 400 billion.

7. A burly man came up to Trump in tears. CNN says it didn’t happen.

8. Trump ended family separation at the border. He actually did, yet CNN called this a big lie.

9. Trump got Veterans Choice in 2018. He did.

10. Trumps said that some people claim windmills cause cancer.

11. Trump said he was going to announce a new healthcare plan. He never got the chance.

12. Trump claimed to be Michigan Man of the Year.

13. He claimed he won the election.

14. Trump said Biden would get rid of pre existing conditions if he became President. Note – This is the same thing Kamala said in the democratic debates.

15. The Stormy Daniels Payment.

According the CNN, these are Trump’s most notable lies out of the “thousands of lies” he told while President.