Table of Contents for Clockwork Phoenix 3

  • Marie Brennan, "The Gospel of Nachash"

  • Tori Truslow, "Tomorrow Is Saint Valentine’s Day"

  • Georgina Bruce, "Crow Voodoo"

  • Michael M. Jones, "Your Name Is Eve"

  • Gemma Files, "Hell Friend"

  • C.S.E. Cooney, "Braiding the Ghosts"

  • Cat Rambo, "Surrogates"

  • Gregory Frost, "Lucyna’s Gaze"

  • Shweta Narayan, "Eyes of Carven Emerald"

  • S.J. Hirons, "Dragons of America"

  • John Grant, "Where Shadows Go at Low Midnight"

  • Kenneth Schneyer, "Lineage"

  • John C. Wright, "Murder in Metachronopolis"

  • Nicole Kornher-Stace, "To Seek Her Fortune"

  • Tanith Lee, "Fold"

CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 3 scheduled to be published by Norilana Books in July 2010. The anthology’s literary focus is on the high end, and it is open to the full range of the speculative and fantastic genres.

Hey! And notice that I once again am sharing a table of contents with the legendary Tanith Lee! She and I also shared a table of contents with the publication of SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH.