Whipped into a Frenzy By Some Things but not by Other Things

This is tangentially related to my last post, where I listed the first, best, worse, and last time I came across the Malthusian ruminations of “little Erlichs” convinced that we were having too many babies, and compared it to a recent comment mocking the ruminations of “little Mark Steyns” that we were having too few babies, but the Muslims were not having too few.

Well, here is someone else who is fuming that humans are over-reproducing: none other than hatred-filled nutbag James J. Lee, who earned his fifteen minutes of fame by taking hostages at the offices of the Discovery Channel and being gunned down like a rabid cur.

Oddly, the New York Times was unable to fathom the motives of Mr. Lee.


On an even-less tangentially related topic, a reader here left a comment criticizing (as hatred-filled nutbaggery) any opposition to the triumphalist monument to the Allah-inspired deaths at the hands of hatred-filled nutbags of unwarned innocent victims on 9/11. In the same conversation, comparison was made with hatred-filled nutbag Pastor Terry Jones, who wants to hold a Burn-the-Koran day.

One comparison, oddly enough, that did not emerge in this or any conversation I have had the honor of overhearing was comparison with the hatred-filled nutbag Webster Cook and/or hatred-filled nutbag P.Z. Myers who, two years ago, was publicly threatening to desecrate a communion wafer. The outrage of the easily outraged, as I recall, was not directed against the desecrator, for his intolerant lack of respect for the faiths and rights of others, but against the descratees, for the silliness of their obscurantist superstition. But why are same folks that, two years ago, were saying,  “Its Just a Goddam Cracker!” are not now saying, “It’s Just a Goddam Book!”?

Bueller…? Anyone…? Bueller…?