The Notorious Meat Robot Letters!

Being a group of philosophical dialogues on the topic of determinism and freewill, which, in a kindlier universe, could have been decided in a paragraph.

I post this here as a curiosity to show that even otherwise rational fellows like myself, can be lured into an obsessive behavior, answering the same few questions over and over against to an interlocutor with no interest whatsoever, and no ability to feign interest, in the topic being discussed.

Let this be a warning against the immoderate love of anything, even an immoderate love of philosophy, leads to squandering time better spent elsewhere. Whether these dialogs are utterly useless, or might inspire edifying thoughts in some readers on the topic, is for heads wiser than mine to decide.

It is also a warning to my fellow philosophers: when involved in a dialog with a woefully ignorant yet absurdly arrogant layman on a philosophical topic, you must discover whether he has the honesty, willingness or aptitude to think about philosophy, before you decide whether to continue. A willingness can make up for a lack of aptitude. With such men endless patience is rewarded. But nothing can make up for a lack of willingness.