One More

The Comics Alliance informs us that our motive was fear of progress. Science fiction guys, afraid of progress.

Note the same approach and same pattern: accusations without evidence, recriminations, and a sly wink telling the undecided that all the Cool Kids are joining in the Two Minute Hate — you don’t want to be seen with Emmanuel Goldstein, DO YOU?

 Argumentum ad hominem ongoing ad nauseum.

For the record, no one at Comic Alliance contacted anyone in Sad Puppies for comment, clarification, or to double check the facts. No one at Comics Alliance actually passed their Journalism 101 class.

Do we all understand this process now? We abide by rules that the Morlocks routinely and shamelessly break, and then they accuse us of breaking rules. And of being Demons from the antimatter Nazi Planet of Transislamophobic Rape Culture who eat Third World babies with chickpeas and lemon butter. Because we are motivated by hate and fear and more hate.

The content of the accusation does not matter, just as long as the accusations are never-ending, strident, and too stupid to counter.

I believe our spokesmammal, Wendel the Manatee, has a sufficient command of eloquence to set to rest all such libels. What do you say, Wendel?



Profound, yet sagacious, Wendel. We cherish your eloquent insight.