SJWs = Marketing Genius!

The previous round of false reviews and graffiti led to increased sales for my books previously targeted by these exemplars of courteous inclusiveness and civility whose sole motive is their nonpartisan love of the science fiction genre. I trust my readers will respond again in the same way.

I see the following notice from my publisher. The words below are his:

… two more people have responded to Glenn Hauman’s call for posting fake reviews on Amazon. Jeromy Stone has posted a fake review of Mr. Wright’s AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, of all things:

One Star
By jeromy stone on April 15, 2015
Format: Hardcover

You know the drill. Report for Abuse and Inappropriate Content. The more strongly we respond to these attacks, the more likely it is that Amazon will eventually step in and do something serious about it.


on April 15, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Wow. Call me underwhelmed. If you like purple prose, this is the book for you. Bad writing plus bad editing makes for a bad book. Don’t waste your money on this dog.

As phangirl is a fan of Jim C. Hines, I ask Mr. Hines to make a statement to his readers concerning his opinion of posting fake one-star reviews of other authors’ works on Amazon. I have no doubt that Mr. Hines opposes the practice, out of sheer common sense if nothing else, and I hope that he will see fit to tell phangirl and his other fans to cease and desist such antics.

I’m contacting Amazon today to ask them to investigate Glenn Hauman’s call for fake reviews. It is readily apparent that his malicious attempt to harm Castalia House’s business is having real and material effects on our book reviews and I note there is legal precedent in the UK addressing compensation for such activities. My personal opinion is that Amazon should not permit authors who post fake reviews or encourage others to do so to sell their books on Amazon. It will be interesting to learn Amazon’s opinion of the matter, considering that they recently sued some companies that provide fake reviews.

And another:

One wag adds wryly

So just so we have this straight,

There is no campaign, no conspiracy. Just some guy connected to two publishing houses who is also a reader at Making Light, telling his audience to make sure to ‘review’ Rabid Puppies and ‘game Amazon’.

But there’s no slate, no whispers, no sir, everything is just fine.