An Answer

From a disappointed fan of mine:

“I remember discovering your fantasy novel Last Guardians of Everness with a
great deal of delight. Here was a new author who could write with a fine
and imaginative hand. Then I came upon the Golden Oecumene series and was
totally blown away. What a great vision! This was classic stuff. I wondered
why I hadn’t heard more about you. So I picked up the Eschaton books and
read on.

Then came the Rabid Puppy/Sad Puppy debacle and I was heartbroken. Not
because your beliefs and mine are so different, but because you and your
fellow Puppies were so *rude*. You, Vox, Day, and Torgenson tore into the
heart of fandom out of sheer cussedness and that’s it. Your arguments for
nominating a slate and violating the unwritten code underlying the Hugos
were irrational and make no sense outside of the right-wing “reality

And as I use No Award to wipe the Hugo Awards clean of the lame and useless
Puppy nominees that you claim are “award-winning” (and I looked too), I
look back at the Golden Oecumene and remember when you were someone I


Rob Thornton
Catonsville, MD”

It is a hard letter to read. I aim to please by readers, and when I fail, the fault is mine.

Nonetheless, it merits an answer. My answer is this: