From the Pen of Dan Hess

Allow me to quote this sobering remark without comment.

Suggested Reading for Sad Puppy Backstory

Dan Hess says this:

What developed in Germany was a weird attitude that intellectual things were valued according to who produced it rather than whether they were true or good. You had the weird phenomenon of “Deutsche Physik” for instance, which labeled the important discoveries of modern physics as ‘Jewish Physics’ and rejected them on that basis (never mind that they are empirically true). This was even worse than nothing scientifically speaking: Because Jewish scientists had discovered things that were true, the Germans literally took positions that were false just to be contrary. (On the bright side, the Germans put the Bomb out of their own reach.)

The German-speaking world lost intellectual and scientific leadership after World War II. There is little chance of repeating the most famous catastrophe of that era. But the intellectual catastrophe is certainly being repeated.

Choosing intellectual output based on who produced it is no way to achieve excellence. But it is worse than that. We are in an era when many of the left seek wholesale rejection our intellectual heritage, that is, what we have found to be true, based on who produced it. Plain old truth is considered white male truth and the left, like the Germans behind Deutsche Physik, actually embraces things that are not true in contraposition to what came before.

That this project cannot succeed is obvious. That the left is degrading itself by carving out an embarrassing place in history is becoming more so.