Suggested Reading for Sad Puppy Backstory

Some of you came in to this theater late, and did not catch the first act.

For those of you puzzled or dazed or disgusted with the goings-on, allow me to provide a partial (and admittedly partial) list of the backstory on Puppy Related Sadness.

From Larry Correia you can get links to his original announcements of Sad Puppies 1,2,and 3. Allow me, at the risk of seeming egomaniacal, of listing only my own contributions to the movement and the columns leading up to it.

This is my recollection of the argument, rebuttal and counterrebuttal:

1. PostBinary Gender [sic] in SF by MacFarlane (

2. Larry Correia’s rebuttal (

3. Daimian Walter, a loathly fellow from the Guardian newspaper, leaps into the fray to slander Larry Correia here:
(The loathly Mr Walter references a fisking by Jim C Hines. I include it for reasons of completeness:
4. Larry takes up the moniker of ‘International Lord of Hate’ in reply here, and fisks the loathly Mr Walter: (

4. My report on the matter, and the origin of the word Morlock to describe the persons I later learned were called ‘social justice warriors’, that is, racist anti-liberals exploiting liberal vocabulary.(

5. Here is where I announce the creation of the Evil League of Evil (Later changed to the Evil Legion of Evil)
dated June 2, 2014
6. Here is my announcement of the formation of the Evil Legion of Evil as a particular literary movement with a particular purpose, initially called the United Underworld, later called the Sad Puppies.
dated June 3, 2014

At the risk of quoting myself, allow me to point out that I have been libeled by many persons for having untoward or vile motives, when my motives were announced at the outset, and repeatedly and clearly, and by no action and no word showed any insincerity to the statement:

This new movement shall be one where the writer is allowed to put a message in his story, provided it entertains the reader, and provided he does not sabotage or ignore the story trying to shoehorn a message into it. Story telling comes first in stories.
All stories will be judged on their merit, rather than on the skin color of the author or authoress.
The writers are the servants of the readers, who are their patrons and patronesses. We are not the teachers, not the preachers, and not the parents and certainly not the masters of the readers. We are not social engineers with permission to manipulate the readers, nor subject them to indoctrination nor propaganda disguised as entertainment.
In sum, the three ideas of the so-called reactionary Evil Legion of Evil are that that Science Fiction stories should be workmanlike, honest, and fun. Stories should serve the reader rather than lecture, sucker-punch, subvert, or hector him. Stories should give the reader what he paid for.

Dear reader, do you understand that these three principles, these three points of simple common sense and common decency, these three principles are what the Leftist ideologues, who untruthfully claim to be fighting for the underdog, untruthfully call evil?

These are the principles our foes reject, and why we (including you, our readers) are subject to shrill yet tedious tongue-lashings by the scolds and shrews of these craven and no-talent know-nothings.

Does that sound like a new literary movement? It is older than Homer.”

7. Sarah Hoyt joined in this announcement here ( and I amplified the comment and called us the World Crime League here (

8. She gives her reasons for supporting the movement here (

9. My general rebuttal to all the libels is here (

I need not to repeat the rebuttal, since not a single new argument has been leveled against me or the Sad Puppies which is not simply an assertion of hidden bad motives, racism, bigotry, homophobia, cheating on some alleged gentleman’s agreement to which I was never a party, and which conveniently never was mentioned erenow.

The idea of keeping a gentleman’s agreement with these dishonest and whining brats is less than risible. It is pathetic. My most recent column debunks that notion: (

The whole of the controversy consists of our adherence to one stated goal, stated at the outset, endlessly repeated, and the counterargument consists of the accusation, for which not an iota of evidence has ever been offered in substantiation, that our true and secret motive was something horrible.

Locus magazine since 1971 has been publishing a suggested reading list with the express purpose of influence the Hugo voting. They lean Left, hence none of our works appear on their list, regardless of merit. But no such outcry has been pursuing them since 1971.