On the Same Topic: Media Idols

When speaking of the relationship between Pope Francis and the modern media, it is important to realize and to recall that the modern media is a force for evil which, if the devils in Hell are not controlling with all their superhuman malice and intelligence to do as much harm as possible to the soul and spirit and mind of the human race, then those devils should retire and turn over control of their legions of imps to the human media moguls who are successfully doing their job for them.

Let me draw your attention to this article by Michael Marinaccio (Hat top to Catholic Geeks) about the six times that you’ve been flat out lied to about Pope Francis. (https://medium.com/the-politic/6-times-you-were-flat-out-lied-to-about-pope-francis-f1027cd708a2)

I thought it would be fitting to put together a short list of instances where the Holy Father has been completely taken out of context or mis-reported (flat-out lied about) by the national media and press corps.

He goes on to list the six most obvious (the media assertions that the Holy Father is pro-sodomy, anticapitalism, pro uncelibate priests, pro-infanticide, pro-divorce, pro-green).

By no coincidence, all these projected beliefs of the Leftist media repeat the creed and the idolatry of the postmodern postrational posthuman Leftists. They are pro-sodomy because of lust, anticapitalist because of envy, pro-uncelibacy because of lust, pro-infanticide because of lust, pro-divorce because of lust, and pro-green because they are are anticapitalist because of envy. Lust serves Asmodius, infanticide serves Moloch, envy serves Leviathan.

The Pope, as all Popes and bishops before him since the time out of mind, repeats the Christian teachings on mercy, eschewing greed, and being proper stewards of the Earth. The Catholic social teaching has been explicit for a century, and implicit from eternity.

If Francis gives greater emphasis to what seem to American conservatives to what are typically Leftwing topics, this is  a call to stir you out of your self regard, and to realize that the socialists stole and perverted the concepts of altruism and service to the poor, not to mention stewardship of the environment. The Dark Lord does not create, he only corrupts.

I wish conservative news yammerheads like Michael Savage (whom I used to listen to, but no longer) would take the time to read this article, and understand what is going on. I also wish I had had access to a list like this back when I first was trying to combat, just based on my own unassisted research, the flood of lies.

Speaking of which, here is where I found that link, which someone graciously brought to my attention in the comments, and I would like to pass on to you. This is from the Catholic Geek website, whose motto is “God does not play at dice, but He does make us roll for initiative.”


One of these days, someone will do something bizarre and read his encyclical Laudato Si.

You want to know what’s in the encyclical?  Here’s a nice little list.

  • Humans are part of the ecosystem, protect them.
  • This includes baby humans.
  • Helping the poor ISN’T GIVING THEM HANDOUTS. They should be WORKING.
  • Overpopulation of the planet is BS.
  • The Church DOES NOT PRESUME TO SETTLE SCIENCE (“But, but, I thought the church was making it dogma!” Ha!)
  • Social Media activism isn’t the same as doing something.
  • Nature is created by God. We should watch that.
  • There is male. There is female. There is no option C.  Bruce Jenner, stop it.
  • Labour is sanctified by Jesus.

Is that so hard to read? The encyclical connects life, tech, nature, and industry into a human ecology. I think even Ayn Rand preached this.

Here is a quote from another article on the same topic:  https://thecatholicgeeks.wordpress.com/2015/09/24/pope-in-us/

We have plenty of disagreements with the Pope here at The Catholic Geeks, but none of them have been on theological grounds. The reason for that is because we haven’t found a single thing he’s taught with his authority that is not in keeping with the teachings of previous popes, and the Church as a whole, for the last two thousand years. The Church is both older and larger than any political movement, even the movements that are 100% Catholic.

The President tried to cast the Pope as agreeing with his policies, going so far as to thank the Holy Father for the latter’s “support.” The Pope, to the shock of no one but the current occupants of the White House, responded by arguing against abortion, the redefinition of marriage, and the value of human life. The only way you can think he spoke in favor of leftist social agendas is to ignore just about every noun he used. In fact, the Pope made a very pointed remark — almost like it was an accusation of failure — about how the United States was built on the idea of religious freedom, and that this right must be protected.

After the meeting at the White House, the Pope even went out of his way to make an unscheduled stop with the Little Sisters of the Poor. The Vatican has confirmed that this was to show support for their court case over the abortion-and-contraception mandate. Let it not be said that Francis has no ability to be in someone’s face while still coming off as someone’s favorite grandpa.

Go Catholic Geeks!

Last and more to the point, I draw your attention to this article by Bruce Carleton:


In the ancient world there was a belief that written words or symbols, or pictures or statues, or words spoken in a particular way, had objective power for good or ill – a potentially immense power.

I think this is correct, and I feel it strongly from the mass media, whose activities feel so much like an evil spell, or a curse. That, I suspect, is precisely what they are. How else could a single picture, a video clip, a phrase, do so much harm?

And, in the comments, Mr. Carelton remarks

I wrote this because it struck me that (to put it crudely) supernatural attacks require a supernatural response – a merely human response will be inadequate.

Finally, a remark in the comments there, which I think it worthwhile to repeat in full:

The mass media is like a master boxer. It jabs away patiently – almost boringly at times – before flooring you with a thunderous combination. I can give an example from early 2014. I was having breakfast in the refectory of the University where I work. I wasn’t aware that there had been an episode of a popular UK soap (Coronation Street) the previous evening in which a terminally ill character opted for some form of what is now called ‘assisted dying.’

Anyway, I got the gist of things soon enough. A bloke on a nearby table was reading The Sun. The headline on the front page screamed ‘Let Us Die’, supported by a byline which said that in a snap poll taken after the TV show a majority of Brits had expressed support for assisted dying/suicide. I can still feel how disorientated, stunned and sick I felt. My head and body were totally scrambled. I felt the very clear presence of a laughing, mocking Evil. It’s no exaggeration to say that in that moment I saw Satan enthroned.

My comment: When the newspaper headlines are screaming things like ‘Let Us Die’ it is merely clearsightedness to see Satan enthroned.

Belief in the supernatural, in the malice of witches and the malignancy of fiends and spooks and unseen powers, is only wrongheaded if it is false.

If it is true that the division into the natural order and the supernatural order is the fashion in which the cosmos is designed, then it is wrongheaded not to believe in supernaturalism. Heliocentrism is wrongheaded only if the Sun is not the center of the Solar System.