Two Quotes

This is from the pen of Thomas Olde Heuvelt, letter to me, 2015

Let me state this: people who write different stories than what you know or like, not necessarily have “sad and narrow lives”. You glorify what you know. I glorify what I know. Stephen King glorifies what he knows. Whether it’s God, or a gay tentacle, or an evil clown – as long as they are good stories, who cares?

This is from THE PHOENIX EXULTANT, published in 2003:

The image of the Cacophile flopped its tendrils first one way, then the other. “What has that to do with us? Phaethon wants to fly to the stars. He wants to make worlds. I want to find a new wire-point to jolt my pleasure centers, maybe with an over-load pornographic pseudomnesia to give it background. Are his dreams any better than mine?”

While science fiction is not meant to predict the future, sometimes it does.