A Comment Overheard on Another Blog

Save for the flattery that overpraises an undeserving author, I must say this is very well said, concise, poignant, and shockingly clear and true. The words below are those of D. G. D. Davidson.


 D. G. D. Davidson ——————– April 16, 2016 1:05 AM

There are three points of view that it seems I cannot be tempted to join because, viewed from outside, they produce an obvious smallness of soul.

First, there is the “New” variety of atheist. The Bible has inspired great men for 2,000 years, and Western Civilization for all of its existence, but the New Atheist sneers that it is full of bad and boring stories.

Second, there is the materialist. When someone says that universals are real and also immaterial by definition, he sneers, and he reacts with shock as if this is a new and unconscionable idea unworthy of entertainment, though philosophers have discussed it for literally thousands of years.

Third, there is the SJW, who says John C. Wright, who has written some of the finest passages in current English literature, the guy who wrote Awake in the Night Land, is a bad author.

Each of these, and they are by no means mutually exclusive, appears to have killed something in himself, some capacity to behold truth or beauty, or to contemplate great ideas. It is no wonder that Postmodern man obsesses over sexual perversions and so-called identity politics; he has lost the ability to imagine anything greater.