Dr. Strange Film — By the Hoary Hosts of Alinksy

So in the upcoming DR STRANGE movie, the Ancient One is no longer an elderly Tibetan, but a bald Scottish girl, aaaannnnddd Baron Mordo is no longer an Eastern European aristocrat, but a young, impressive-looking Black man. With a sword.

Strange and Black Mordo

Baron Mordo in the comics look like this:



Contrast and compare:


Now, the actor is Chiwetel Ejiofor, who I saw and liked as ‘The Operative’ in the movie SERENITY. Good actor. I have no complaints on that score. I cannot imagine he’d do a bad job.

But it is the intrusive nature of the self-anointed political correction officers shoving their personal obsessions about race into the collective faces of the least racist nation in history that is irksome, then wearying, then just plain annoying.

The Alinsky tactic of using a man’s own broadmindedness as a weapon against him becomes downright sinister when one realizes why the weapon is being used: not to promote peace and amity among the races and between the sexes, but instead to put everything on the basis of quotas, of ingratitude, of ever more imaginary rights being slighted by every more unreal perceptions of insults. Individualism is being replaced by collectivism, until even the least racist person in the room is acutely conscious of race, and annoyed by the smallest snubs against his own.

Just like Johnny Storm, like Jimmy Olsen, like Hawkgirl on ‘Legends of the Future’, like Heimdall in the Thor movie, like Nick Fury…

It is not as if Falcon, Luke Cage, James Rhodes, Storm of the X-Men and the Black Panther of Wakanda are not cool enough in and of themselves. I would go see a movie starring any one of them, especially Falcon, who was impressive in his guest appearances in Captain America films.

I prefer Nick Fury played by Samuel L Jackson, because, well, he’s Samuel L Jackson. And, frankly, if they changed Iron Fist into a Chinese guy, I would actually prefer that. I never really liked Danny Rand. So no single decision by itself causes me any grief: but the cumulative effect is tiresome and hectoring.

Is there no place to hide from political correctness?


Sigh. Is there nothing political correctness cannot turn from totally awesome to totally stupid in 0.9 seconds flat?


Ah, well. At least they got the rose window right. I might go see the film just for that.