It is Darker Than You Think

Dave Truesdale, the editor of Tangent Online, was asked to moderate a panel on the state of short science fiction at MidAmericaCon II. He took the opportunity to introduce the topic of how political correctness is destroying the market, a topic that is no more controversial that talking about the hot weather in August. He attempted to read posthumous remarks written by the famed and well beloved editor at Tor book, David Hartwell, whose memory the fandom reveres and opinions all serious writers in the field respects.

Serious is not the term for a malignant strain of leftism called Social Justice Warriors. A member of the panel turned his chair to face backward, so as to show his disapproval of any criticism of political correctness. Audience members started shouting and carrying on. Mr. Truesdale was not able to proceed.

Instead of asking the disruptive members to leave, MidAmericaCon II expelled Dave Truesdale, on the grounds that his remarks caused discomfort and allergic reactions to badthink among the Morlock.

Vox Day reports that even hardcore SF-SJWs such as Jim Hines and Charles Stross are taken aback by the partisan injustice.

It is not, however, reported that the panel member who reversed his chair at any point rolled on the ground, soiled himself, and stuck his fingers in his ears, yodeling. The dignity and maturity displayed by Social Justice Morlocks is upheld by their great leader, Trigglypuff, also known as Tsathoggua the Toad God of lightless N’kai.

In a related story, the loathsome and abhorrent swine-people from the end of time, first described to modern researchers by the time traveling narrator of William Hope Hodgson’s HOUSE OF THE BORDERLAND, have been seen joining convention committees and leadership positions in the science fiction field for some time now.

The spokesman of the abominations, Tannakin Skinker, says that the Unspeakable Masters hope to tighten their stranglehold on science fiction as they have done in years past so successfully to academia, the press, the entertainment industry, and the judiciary, to leave the hale and sane men of this era, and any who do not bow to Nyarlathotep, or receive his mark on their brow or hand, nowhere to turn for relief, refreshment, imagination or hope.

DISCLAIMER: I was not at Mid-American Con, and did not myself see the panel here described. It is entirely possible that some other events happened not reported to me, such as Darrell Schweitzer was savaged by the thought police for the effrontery of holding panel on the topic of Howard Philips Lovecraft. So I cannot personally attest to the accuracy of the report.

However, the swine-people of the Great Inward-Facing House of the Ninth Dimension, of them I can speak with certainty and assurance, having seen their dark, hunched shapes snuffling and snorting near the windows of the nursery on those rare evenings when moonrise coincides with sunset, and the moon is red as blood.

On such evenings the Ulterior Gate opens, and black stars rise above Lake Carcosa in Hyades. Then the grunting and snorting swine men emerge from the angles of time to worship unholy Tsathoggua the Toad God in ancient and vile rites unspeakable. Then they congregate at the snack bar.

Surely you, dear reader, have seen the swine-men, wearing their cunning facial masks of wax and the hand-shaped prosthetic on their prehensile fore-paws at science fiction conventions?

They are the ones driving science fiction out of science fiction, in order to pour in political correctness and the dreary sermons about social justice, their dark idol to which all human things are sacrificed with shrill and witchy shrieks of mad laughter and insane self-righteousness.

*   *   *

UPDATE:  I have since heard from Mr. Truesdale that there was no commotion at the panel, indeed, the panel went well and there was applause at the end. A few pearl-clutchers heard Mr. Truesdale say that political correctness of the type that gets people fired from jobs or boycotted or loses gigs is having a chilling effect on newcomers and old hands alike. For this he lost his gig.

My own experience is that the Morlocks only come out and bare their teeth, not when they are “triggered” about some social injustice, but when and only when a bold man points out the powerlust involved, and the utter lack of concern for society, justice, social justice, a just society or any combination thereof.

The Morlocks only exercise their power to punish people against a man who says they only exercise their power to punish people. They do not love Muslims or gays or the poor or whoever. They do not give a tinker’s damn about their tokens. They don’t love them. They just hate you.