First Presidential Debate

My opinion, in case anyone should ask, is that Donald Trump won the debate against Lester Holt on points, but that on overall appearance and comportment, Trump did not win.

That is, everything Trump said was correct, but how he said it seemed undignified and unbecoming of someone running for high office.

I believe Secretary Clinton was also present to aid Mr. Holt in his debate with Mr. Trump, but her contribution was minimal.

Her contribution was more comedy relief, as when she called on Trump to release his income tax records in order to show to whom he is indebted for political favors.

Coming from her, the empty-headed and empty-souled sockpuppet of overseas interests and Wall Street banks, the question of who owns a politician should have been the last one to raise.

Donald Trump has grown on me. My enthusiasm for him at first was entirely minimal and perfunctory, in that I was willing reluctantly to vote for him for the same reason I was willing to vote for Sarah Palin’s running mate, out of party loyalty.

But his speeches after he was nominated have addressed so many issues of paramount importance to me, issues no other Republican has dared touch, and in each case he spoke exactly what needed to be said, my support has blossomed into vehement loyalty.

His pre-nomination presentation was folksy, clumsy, and he interrupted himself and left sentences and thought unfinished. His post-nomination presentation was more presidential, polished and professional.

Last night, I saw the return of his pre-nomination awkwardness.

So my enthusiasm flagged somewhat seeing his performance at this debate. He seemed confused and unprofessional. Several times his debate opponent, Lester Holt, uttered a misleading halftruth or even an outright lie, which Mr. Trump did not correct. I hope Mr. Trump will be more aggressive against his opponents, the news media, in the next debate against them.

Also, I am hoping that the Disney animatronic robot MEET MR LINCOLN will be debating against him, since the Hillary sneering robot need to be recalled to the factory to have more “You are a deplorable racist” accusation circuits installed and tuned. She did not make that accusation often enough, and it is the sole argument the Democrat Party has in its arsenal: the party of Jefferson Davis, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Jim Crow,  George Wallace, Orval Faubus, Bull Connor, William Fulbright, Exalted Cyclops Al Gore Sr. and Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd.