Here is a Book I want to Read

Tom Simon has announced his next book:



I must say I am looking forward to this eagerly. His last two books of essays were memorable and worthy of many rereads.

I strongly recommend WRITING DOWN THE DRAGON and STYLE IS THE ROCKET, both of which I own and have reread.


 From the reader’s comments:

Tolkien admirers and Tolkien scholars alike will find this non-fiction book examining J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing techniques not just fascinating, but bordering on a feast. It’s a work of scholarship and genius, with much to recommend it to any fantasy author wishing to take apart a master fantasist’s works and see what makes his stories tick.


Mr. Simon’s prose is lucid, personable, and entertaining, and he has a sharp eye for criticism and a nose for hidden truth.


From the Book Description:

Fantasy writer, essayist and critic Tom Simon looks at some elements of successful and memorable fiction. What makes a story stand out and grab a reader’s interest, and how does it happen? What kind of imaginative elements are most likely to have enduring appeal? How important is prose style to a good story? In eleven essays, Simon investigates these and other questions, and his researches lead him to some surprising places.