An Apology from Mr Davis

This sums up my attitude toward all those who said the blacks should side with Hillary because they are black, and whites should side with Trump because they are white. I admire the gentle and soothing way the apology is couched. I salute Mr. Davis with humble thanks for putting into words what I could not.

My comment:
I also cannot breathe for laughing, seeing the sad sights of the world turned upside down today.

I see that many on the Left are reduced to tears, clutching their shivering children, and are on the brink of suicide, terrified that the Orange-haired stormtroopers and Klansmen and the Spanish Inquisition will soon descend upon their loved ones. Hillary wept when she lost, so badly she could not appear in public for a concession speech until the next day. The staff at the White House was somber, including those who wept openly.

And, at the same time, the press continues to call us all uneducated racists, bigots, and haters. And the press organizes and films riots and tumults, arson and looting, on order to express malice akin to the malice of hell.

They truly and deeply hate you, dear reader, and me, and us, and everything and everyone we hold dear, they yearn to torment and destroy.

And, at the same time, the moderate voices call on Trump immediately to repudiate his campaign promises, reach across the aisle, heal the wounds, and warm the serpent to his bosom, betray his supporters, and continue with business as usual.

Were I capable of pity, my dry Vulcan eye would moisten for the pathetic sight of these spineless, weeping, craven, unmanly, gormless, girlish, limp, flaccid, putrid, emptyheaded, screaming, mouth-frothing, drooling wretches. After all, they are pathetic.

Surely one feels sorry for Gollum. The Ring has eaten his soul away, and reduced him to a thin and crooked shadow of his true self. He has forgotten his name. If he burns and kills and strangles and screams like a wild beast, it is because all virtue is gone from him. He fears the Evil Eye that he serves, and has no power to resist the corruption.

But you do not hand the Ring back to Gollum out of pity. You do not make a deal with him, not while he is still cursing you, spitting and hissing, and trying to wring your neck.

Let us bind, as if with elfin rope, and kick and drub and put the fear of fire into the Left, at least until they stop screaming and snarling and wailing and calling us racist homophobic misogynists, shall we?

Once they admit that the Jihad, and not Christ, are their enemy, perhaps we can loosen the knots.

They are out of power for the first time in my lifetime, except for two years, long ago, which the soft moderates immediately squandered, a victory we frittered away.

Let us keep kicking them and scalding them until they learn how to talk to civilized men, like grown ups. Any show of weakness or compromise now will be seen as a sign that they should renew their terror tactics, riots, falsehoods, dirty tricks, and teary tantrums.

Throw your scabbards away, gentlemen. The sword will not sleep in your hand, not for many long and bloody winters of war.

The press, who is the enemy of God and Man, continues to insist on promoting the false line of balderdash that this was a racist election between the BLACK LIVES MATTER group on the one hand, and some new WHITE LIVES MATTER group on the other, hence a victory for Trump is a victory for racism.

Well, logically, even it that narrative were true, it would be false. If all blacks have some common interest requiring them to vote as a bloc, all whites ergo have one too, and should so vote. If one is racist, so are both. If one is not, neither are.

So the narrative that blacks should vote Dem because blacks are a bloc, whereas whites voting GOP is hideously evil hatemongering, does not make sense even by the make believe rules of the make believe world this was made up in.

Fortunately, it is not true. If this election had been about the forces of White Hatred versus the poor, helpless victims of lesser races, then the White Party candidate would have said something about Whiteness.  If there were such a thing.

Meanwhile, outside the fever swamp of Lefty delirium, here in this reality, Trump’s speeches mentioned race only in one respect. The sole thing he said about race was courting the black vote by asking them to ponder whether the Dems have served their interests lo these last fifty years or so.

I suspect many a black man looked in the mirror, and said, “My skin is dark. So why, again, exactly does that mean should I vote for someone who will take away most of my income, my hope, my job prospects? Someone who promises to chain the police, ignore the druglords, and make the inner cities into third-world hellholes? Moreso? Someone who promises to invite a Muslim terrorist to kill me?”

Most blacks still voted Hillary. Maybe they like the hellholes. But Trump gained between seven and eight percent of the black and brown vote over Romney, sixteen to nineteen percent among the poor, while he only gained a one percent white vote over Romney.

That means that this race was not about race.

Trump’s election victory is not a mandate for White Supremacists to don their jackboots nor a starter flag for the race wars for which the Left has been panting with sadistic semi-sexual anticipation since my childhood in the 1960’s.

Shut up, press. You are lying.

You lied about Reagan and said his election would revive the neonazis and the KKK. (Tellingly, both leftwing groups: the Nazis are socialists who killed Jews and Catholics and the Klan are Dems who killed Blacks, Republicans and Catholics.)

Those of you who actually are racists who claim to be on the right, WLM or whatever you call yourself, you are merely Leftists on the Right.

You believe the Left narrative, you adopt their tactics, and you have the same vices of name-calling and hate-spitting when you talk. Like them, you are barbarians. You hate this nation just as much as the Left, but the Left hates America for being racist, whereas you hate America for not being racist enough.

Shut up, WLM. You are lying also.

It is two sides of the same lie. Left says the Political Correctness is nothing more than kindness toward minorities, non-hatred, non-racism.

But that is like saying a wolf in sheep’s garb is a sheep. Under the fluffy white coat, Political Correctness is irrational totalitarian secular diabolism, and screaming anti-White racism.

So the WLM, seeing the screaming totalitarianism, rejects Political Correctness with contempt, and decides therefore to reject kindness toward minorities. As if the sheep dog, instead of objecting to the wolf deceptively wearing the dress of a sheep, were to conclude that sheep were carnivores, and join the wolves in savaging them.

The answer is to rip away the white and soft disguise, and have the sheep dog kill the wolf.

The Leftists are like the Boy who cried Wolf so often that people stopped heeding the cry. But the WLM are wolves, who, hearing all these cries, think that the wolves must be numerous and strong. Thanks to the press, the racists now believe that more than half the nation stands with them, and are racists also!

Mr. Davis is my hero, as is Mr. Yiannopoulos. One is a Negro and the other is a flaming and fabulous faggot. Everyone on the Left and everyone on the WLM who says these men are my enemies because of their skin hue or sexual distempers, I say to the devil with you.

They love Trump, so I love them. You are trying to divide me from them and them from me, and I am not buying the snake oil you are selling. It is folly, and wicked, ugly folly at that. Go peddle your wares in purgatory.