Trump Elected World President in Japan!

Only in America, folks.

(It is labeled ‘Japanese Commercial’ but it is directed & edited by someone named Mike Diva, filmed by Jan-Michael Losada and stars Chloe Doan).

It is not clear to me whether this charming weirdness is meant to mock Trump or applaud him, or just a neutral bit of fun that means nothing. For myself, I like Trump better, seeing this. Had he promised the border wall would be pink and adorned with his logo, I would have voted twice, like a Democrat. Mr. Trump as world leader and planet-destroying mecha pilot strikes me as a fine idea. I am not sure I see the drawback.

As a Constitutional scholar and lawyer, I must ask: how is the God Emperor of Mankind selected in the Warhammer 40K universe? Is there a line of succession, or a Deathball tournament? A gom-jabbar test, or How?