Cult forms Culture

I have the misfortune of knowing many Leftists, and at least one non-Conservative who is not a Leftist, that view all things through the lens of race. Both argue that Trump won the election because of the ‘whitelash’ that is, the white backlash, of identity politics ‘White Lives Matter’ and White Separatists and neonazis who all came out for Trump. The Left thinks this is a bad thing, and the non-Conservative a good thing.

But it is not a thing at all.

The short version:

Trump gets 1% more white voters than Romney. That was not enough to put him over the top, not enough to win.

He is up 7% and 8% among blacks and Hispanics, and more than double that among the poor.

That is why he won.

Breitbart made famous the observation that politics is downstream of culture, that is, that the basic virtues, tastes, attitudes and priorities shared by the group defines the legal and military policies favored by the group.

But if you are so foolish as to conclude, as some do, that culture is downstream of race or identity, then you are left without explanation as to why minorities and women swung the vote this election toward Trump, a man whom all the racebaiters and sexbaiters and professional grievance mongers who spread the message of identity politics.

If, as the Nazis are fond of saying, your skin color is your uniform, why did so many brown and black people turn their coats this election?

The truth is that culture is downstream of religion, not of race.

You might wonder, if culture is downstream of religion, how Christianity flourished under Byzantine Emperors, Medieval Kings, Reformation Absolute Monarchs, and Enlightenment Republics and Parliaments, when none of these constitutions of government were the same?

The answer is too long to give wholly, but the alert reader will find it by comparing and contrasting the constitutions of government, the satraps and sultans, Mandarins and Brahmins, and the royal sons of blood-drinking gods in Eastern civilizations, in the Americas, or among savages during these centuries.

You might wonder, likewise, since Christianity rejects abortion, and the Bible denounces divorce, why so many so-called Christians support sexual liberation, libertarian libertinism, no-fault divorce, and support the use prenatal infanticide as a form of retroactive prophylactic?

Leftism is a modern, ersatz religion and the most dynamic of the Twentieth Century. It has swept all other faiths aside. By famine and fanaticism, Leftism has murdered one hundred million souls in the Twentieth Century, and conquered all the continents but North America. But now it falter and stumbles, drained of money and bankrupt of ideas. It is rejected throughout the Middle East and Indonesia, replaced by Islam, which is, ironically, a more civilized form of Antichrist.

But it is still very strong in North America, and rules our press, our popular entertainment, our courts of law, our groves of academia.

But any man who says he is a Christian, but who supports the hideous sacrifice of the unborn in the name of an alleged woman’s right to fornication and adultery, that man is a Leftist, not a Christian. Likewise, any man who says he is a Christian, but who supports the hideous sacrifice of children to Moloch, or supports the institute of temple prostitution in the name of Astarte,  that man is an idolater, not a Christian.