For the Undecideds

If any of my dear readers have not yet resolved in your own mind for whom to vote in tomorrow’s election, if eight years of lies, scandals, murders, selling state secrets to foreign powers, deceptive news media, rising crime, falling employment, rising taxes, strangling regulations, weakened military, humiliations abroad and Jihadist terrorism at home, does not decide the issue for you; and if the prospect of an nuclear-armed Iran or war with a nuclear-armed Russia does not bestir you; if the insanity of endless executive orders, the lawlessness of an imperial presidency, or the sickness of commanding every school in the nation to allow perverted boys into the same locker rooms as underage schoolgirls to ogle them in the showers has not stirred you; if you have not been angered at endlessly hearing yourself and others being accused falsely of racism, sexism, Islamophonia, Homophobia, and an endless litany of phobias and mental disorders merely because you are a normal, decent, and sane person; or if a distaste for current globalist economic manipulations or an astonished terror at the prospect of unguarded borders being flooded not only with illegal migrants and drug dealers but with soldier and saboteurs in service of a deadly enemy during wartime does not persuade you; or contemplating the degree of utter ineffectiveness of a sitting president will display during wartime when she is continually under criminal investigation does not convince you; then please consider this.

Your choice between first lady is a choice between this:


And this:


I am weary unto death hearing about Bill Clinton’s rapes and sexual assaults and perverse sexual practices, or his friendships with satanists and pederasts.  All that will be in the headlines again as he once more dirties the Oval Office with his spilled semen, chasing girls young enough to be be his granddaughters, while the compliant Pravda-press covers it all up. It will be more years of the endless parade of adultery and lies and cover ups. We will have newsmen on air in prime time talking about his crooked penis once again. Parents will be explaining to their children about how and why we so respect the office of President, or how historically unique it is to have a president ruling the nation from behind bars in a penitentiary, where she will be guarded both by prison guards and secret servicemen, whom she insults and berates.


And there will be four years of listening to a screech owl screeching at us, blaming the American people, calling us racists and deplorable, irredeemable and vile, merely because we object to corruption, bribery, and multiple murders in high places, not to mention the endless cover-ups and pointless, pathological lies.

The recent revelations that her close intimates are involved in satanism and witchcraft and perhaps a pederasty ring may or may not turn out to be provable, but the mere fact that no one would be surprised were it true is telling.


I know which First Lady I would like to see in the headlines for the next four to eight years.

Vote tomorrow. Vote wisely, and tomorrow evening we can all raise our glasses in toast to the biggest landslide since Reagan.