My Prediction for the Election?

Glad you asked.

I am not prophet, but when I heard the rumor that the Dems would not permit “USA! USA!!” to be chanted at Hillary rallies, on the grounds that this was “Trump’s chant” my nape hairs stood on end, and I whispered to myself, “She is doomed. He will win in a landslide.”

And I stopped listening to the polls (and to the pols) ever since.

Trumpslide cometh.

You will tomorrow see visions the likes of which eyes have not seen before, nor shall ever again! Smug leftist brains will explode like a scene from the movie Scanners; Wall Street socialists will fling themselves from towers; Jihadists will slash themselves with knives and call on their false and empty idol, Allah, to curse the day; and media moguls will drive their battery-powered eco-cars off the Golden Gate bridge and into the sea, exploding in midair from sheer Pauline Kael frustration, to strike the waves like a burning comet, or Lucifer falling from the zenith.

It will be wonderful.

And it will go on and on and on as each day America pulls herself free from the mire of Leftist policies and executive orders and regains her footing, strength and stature.

And the Left, like Rumpelstiltskin, will tear themselves in half in fury, and be swallowed whole into a flaming pit in the earth.

Bring popcorn. Bring Jack Daniels. Cause you ain’t seen nothing yet.

You thought the election was entertaining! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE ADMINISTRATION!!