Signal Boost for John Del Arroz

Jon Del Arroz is a Christian conservative author who has recently come under fire from the hard-left big publishing establishment in science fiction.
You can read the gory details here, but basically what happened is his neurotic publisher fired him for wearing a Trump MAGA hat in the privacy of his own home. He was blackballed from Baycon, and all this fair-weather friends and faithless fellows turned on him.
The Thought Police Left is trying to destroy his career. He is the designated Pinata for the berserk mob. Do not think it cannot happen to you. And by all means open your wallet and let some dead presidents speak against this outrage for you.
His debut novel is a space opera tie-in for the Star Realms: Deckbuilding Game, and has been hailed by left and right wing authors alike, appearing on both Mary Robinette Kowal and Vox Day’s blogs.
The book, Star Realms: Rescue Run can be found here:

A quick summary of the book:
Since being court-martialed by the Star Empire, smuggler and thief Joan Shengtu has done what she needed to do in order to survive—gaining a reputation along the way. When a new client’s mission goes sideways, Joan finds herself caught in the middle of dueling gambits between the Star Empire and the Trade Federation. Recruited to perform the heist of a lifetime, the fate of the Star Empire rests in her hands.
On the opposite side of the galaxy, Regency BioTech manager Dario Anazao sees an unsustainable situation brewing that promises a full-scale revolution. The megacorporations of the Trade Federation have kept the population in horrible working conditions, violating their human rights. With no one else to help, Dario must take it upon himself to rescue the workers of Mars.
Can two heroes from warring factions come together to make a difference in the galaxy?
And here is the cover blurb
“This game-related novel is a lively, action-filled tale that should appeal to those who want a space adventure romp with intrigue and a touch of romance. A disgraced ex-military thief, the thief’s snide former shipmate, a special operative who isn’t that good with guns, and the resentful son of an arrogant corporate executive attempt an impossible mission… and there’s a humorously glitched portable AI in the mix, too, breaking into song at odd moments.” — Elizabeth Moon, author of the Paksenarrion novels

Ironically, the cover blurb is by Elizabeth Moon who was likewise savaged by the Left and dis-invited as guest of honor from WisCon a few years ago, even though she is a card-carrying Leftist with impeccable progressive credentials. They turn on their own. They turn on everyone.

That reminds me. I should by my own copy of The Deed of Paksenarrion. It is not to my taste, but her enemies are my enemies.