Interview with National Catholic Register

I have had the honor to be interviewed by the NC Register:

Myself, I think I am too blunt for my own good, not to mention too obtuse, but the kind interviewer askied me pretty direct questions, which I answered directly.

Q: Please speak about your journey to the Church.

I was an atheist since age seven, and throughout all my adult life until a short time ago. My reasons for disbelief in God were entirely intellectual and rational: I thought the concept self contradictory, the historical evidence weak, the evidence favoring the proposition unconvincing, and not different from the claims of other religions, cults, and superstitions. My faith in faithlessness eroded over a period of years when I slowly realized that my loyal allies, the atheists, were not merely wrong, but brain-meltingly, blindingly, foam-at-the-mouth barking moonbat wrong on all the major political and social issues of the day, from war and peace to abortion to homosex to contraception.

Meanwhile, my hated enemies, the Christians, were right on all those issues, and not just right, but delicately, sternly, carefully, strongly and overwhelmingly right: they were right with the rightness of just and honest men, men too humble to pretend that they are wrong when they are not, too humble to speak untruth.

Being a cold and remorseless thinker, as logical and dispassionate as a Vulcan (or, for those of you familiar with the classics, as a Houyhnhnm) logic forced me, step by step, and very much against my natural inclinations, to realize that all modern non-Christian moral thinking and philosophy was rubbish, and that political and moral calculations based on modern non-Christian notions of right and wrong (where nothing is absolutely wrong except calling something absolutely wrong) were nonsense.

This baffled me. My worldview could not account for creatures so irrational (so I regard you then) as Christian could be right on all points, while creatures to rational (so I regarded myself then) as atheists could be so wrong.