The Blurb for Count to Infinity

A reader with the large-souled name of Mahasamatman writes a new blurb for my latest upcoming book, COUNT TO INFINITY:

“You loved the epic and mind-blowing finale in *The Architect of Aeons.* You shivered in ecstasy as its even more epic and mind-blowing continuation, *The Vindication of Man,* surpassed all expectation. Now your constituent atoms will burst apart in joy, forming a short-lived but highly dangerous cloud of plasma that will burn down your house, as *Count to Infinity* brings ANOTHER SPECTACULAR CONCLUSION to John C. Wright’s hard space princess opera about Texans fighting Nazis on the Moon.”

My comment: I am trying to think of other stories starring moon Nazis, and the only one I can come up with is IRON SKY and ROCKET SHIP GALILEO. Unless THE MOONBEAST by A.E. van Vogt counts. Can anyone think of any others?

Also, one reader says we will see Montrose polish off Blackie in a duel, but another reader guesses “Montrose will forgive Blackie. Shots will be exchanged, but Montrose will have gone full-defensive with his programming and all incoming rounds will be intercepted. Blackie will get to control the entire universe…right at the time it all comes apart. Montrose gets a 10-gallon halo.”

So one reader bets a win for Meany, and one says it will be a draw. Anyone else?

I will remind readers of the score so far:

A.D. 2401: Both Meany and Blackie were severely wounded after the first exchange of fire, but Blackie had cunningly redesigned his internal organs, and was recovering from his hurts, and had one remaining bullet. He certainly would have won had not the duel been interrupted when debris from a falling tower buried them both. Draw.

A.D. 3090: Meany kills de Ulloa at Mt. Ypsilon. Win.

A.D. 5884:  Meany kills D’Aragó at Foehr Island. Win.

A.D. 6164: Meany wounded by Sarmento, but is spirited away by Nymphs. Loss.

A.D. 9785: Montrose hunts down and murders Coronimas on the jakes. Not a duel.

AD 51555: Meany defeats a cognate copy of Blackie, but there is some evidence of psychological tampering. Win for Menelaus.

AD 91917: Blackie delopes into the ship’s engineering, but is shot and killed by Menelaus. Win for Menelaus.