Larry Correia on Brett Kavanaugh

Larry Correia, writer without peer, posted a brief statement on a controversial topic. With his permission, I reprint it here:

A friend of mine posted a thing about how even if Kavanaugh is innocent, his getting emotional during the hearing shows that he doesn’t have the “temperament’ to be on the Supreme Court. My response got a little long, so I figured I would share it here:

Dude, sorry, but you’ve got no clue. I personally went through a tiny fraction of what this dude did and it is soul crushing. It’s a friggin’ nightmare. When you’ve got national news outlets running articles about how you’re an awful person, and thousands of complete strangers talking about how terrible you are, and any time you see your name pop up there’s immediately a bunch of comments from people who don’t know you at all repeating stories about what a sick, depraved, monster you are… that shit gets old.

I was just one minor writer who caused a stink in one minor part of the entertainment business, and I had dozens of news articles calling me the vilest things you can imagine. I had to notify my local sheriff’s department to prevent Swattings.

People my wife hasn’t talked to since high school were calling her to ask if she was okay, since she was married to an abusive hatemonger monster. (that one was particularly galling).

I’ve been on double dates with a gay couple, but thousands of strangers declared me a homophobe. I taught self defense to women for a decade, but thousands of strangers declared me a rape apologist. I grew up in a town that had few white people and served most of my mission in inner city Birmingham, but thousands of complete strangers declared me a racist.

The truth was irrelevant. I was the nail that stuck up, ergo I had to be knocked down.

They went after my kids. That still pisses me off. My own children couldn’t even use their real names online because they got attacked for the crime of having me as their father.

On and on, hundreds of examples.

And I was just one minor dude, in one minor squabble, that happened to get a tiny bit of media attention.

But the minute I react with human emotion, and get upset that they’re dragging my name through the mud, and trying to make it so that nobody in my industry will work with me, and getting me banned from events, and demanding boycotts, and posting lying ass reviews, and calling me the vilest things I can imagine JUST BECAUSE I DISAGREED WITH THEM…

Then, only then, do they talk about “tone” and “you sound angry” and my being upset only proves my obvious guilt.

And then people who’ve never been in the fire come along and lecture me about how I should be more civil.

This dude has gone through a process a thousand times worse, in a fraction of the time, and you expect him to remain cool? Ha!

What happened to Larry Correia is about a zillion times worse than the filth that was thrown on me, and, being a science fiction writer, no one outside our small zone of the universe will know or care. But now, thanks to the malice of Dems hungry for power, hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands of innocent and gullible souls will hate and despise this Brett Kavanaugh, a God-fearing man with a lifelong reputation of sterling honesty, and call him a drunk and a rapist, for the rest of his natural life, and for as many years or centuries as history books record the events of this year. And his children after him will hear the same slanders for all their lives.