Virago’s Veto

The circus surrounding the nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court continues its weary and grotesque injustices because Senator Flake was confronted in an elevator by a harpy.

Kavanaugh faces a single accuser, whose testimony has either been refuted or not corroborated by any of the alleged witnesses named, in an accusation from which all details of time and place are curiously absent, such details as are named have changed with each retelling, and of which there is no contemporaneous record.

The underlying crime is a misdemeanor sexual assault, that is, groping a girl over her clothing. There is no evidence of attempted rape or murder aside from the fears alleged to have formed in the mind of the accuser that these things might be possible.

The demeanor of the witness, with her affectation of a high-pitched, childlike voice, her inability to follow simple instructions, her lack of knowledge of ordinary words, and her drifty, dreamlike comments about how her dopamine levels affect her hypothalamus during memory binding, all detracted sharply from her credibility. The fake crying did not help. The inability to remember recent events, such as whether she gave her therapist’s notes to the press after refusing to show them to the committee, or who paid for her lie detector test, detracted even more.

If there is a less credible testimony, I am hard pressed to imagine it.

The accusation was not made for decade upon decade, and it is trotted out now when politically convenient. It is precisely the same type of accusation used before by the Left to libel and slander political obstacles: Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Roy Moore were all “Borked” by similar unsubstantiated charges.

Such false accusations are commonplace methods or promoting the Leftist narrative. It is no exaggeration to say it is the favorite accusation of Leftists: the Tawana Brawley case, the Duke Lacrosse team case, and the UVA gang rape cases were all false accusations.

It is an oft sited statistic cited by the Left that one in five women in modern America has been raped. The statistic is false, frequently debunked, and endlessly repeated nonetheless. The true statistic is that two in five women in modern America claiming to have been raped are lying. The fact that this accusation involves titillating sexual details makes the press attention paid it suspect.

But even were the accusation in this case credible, or corroborated, the issue is irrelevant. No man’s fitness for office is judged by his behavior as a youth or as a child.

Under Maryland law, battery includes any unlawful or unwanted touching, but it is only a felony if there is intent to cause death or injury, which is not alleged in this case. This is a misdemeanor assault.

The statute of limitations in Maryland for misdemeanor  assault is one year (Md. Code Ann. Cts. & Jud. Proc. § 5-105) which means the claim would be stale before Ronald Reagan served his second term in office. (For prospective, this is before the internet, the personal computer, the cellphone, or pagers were commonplace.)

Even had the crime occurred, and been a felony, it would have been erased from all public record once the perpetrator came of age, and, again, therefore no longer be pertinent.

After the testimony, we see the now-famous elevator scene of one Ana Maria Archila together with one Maria Gallagher, shrieking, screaming and yelling at Sen Flake in the elevator.

The first remarks that Brett Kavanaugh ‘violated’ a young girl. False. There was no accusation of rape nor of attempted rape, only of groping of a fully clothed girl where the alleged victim in her mind said she feared being raped.

The other termagant shrieks that a vote for Kavanaugh is “telling all women” that “they don’t matter” and “they should just stay quiet.” She is unable to distinguish between a symbol and the reality the symbol represents. Kavanaugh is a real person, as is Jones. Neither of them symbolize all women or all men, all attackers, all victims, or all anything else.

Please note that this wall all scripted and fake. John Fund at NPR has the story.

Archila is an executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy; she had spent the previous week in Washington engaged in protests against Kavanaugh. Gallagher is a 23-year-old activist with the group. The Center is a left-wing group that is heavily funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. As of 2014, the Open Society was one of the three largest donors to the group.

The proper response by Sen Flake, instead of meekly acceding to their slanderous lies and outrageous demands for abuse of process, and delays beyond the midterms, would be to upbraid the shrews for accusing the innocent, and shame them for trivializing the suffering of real victims.

Instead Senator Flake, psychologically castrated eunuch, immediately threatened to change his vote unless his demand for yet another FBI investigation, the seventh, studied once again the fact-free claims and statements the public has already heard ad nauseam ex plus ultra nauseam.

This virago’s screed is not only false, it is mis-directed.

The only one who is making it more likely that rape victims will not be as easy to believe in the future is Mrs Ford. False accusations of serious crimes make the crimes seem less serious. Doubting the word of the alleged victim becomes more reasonable as false accusations become more frequent, or are more lavishly rewarded by the applause of the gullible.

In the movies, hysterical woman are slapped in the face to bring them again to their senses. But even in the movies, such a slap will have no salutary effect on a woman who is merely self-torqued into a deliberate hysteria, in order to pretend to have whatever moral supremacy being a victim allegedly bestows.

Such usurped moral authority is, again, stolen valor.

Here, the alleged moral superiority is being used falsely to undermine the rule of law and roots of civil society, which is, ironically, is a sign of moral inferiority.

Yes, I said it undermines civilization itself. Rule by harridans and hecklers is mere anarchy.

This display should be intensely embarrassing to women: here we see the typical negative stereotype of slippery slipshod female thinking. We see two women unable or unwilling to accept the logical propositions or presuppositions of law. Rejected are the ideas of abiding in a civil fashion with the outcome of a vote, putting personal or partisan feelings aside when the common good demands, not assuming guilt or innocence depends solely on sex or skin color, but instead assuming the accused innocent until proven guilty. All that is thrown away in a gush of female emotion.

And, instead of reason guiding their actions, the walking, talking negative stereotypes use their tears as a weapon to demand that a man protect them, and believe any female’s accusation. Atticus Finch, call your office.

As a man of logic, my disgust with this elevator spectacle eludes my powers of description.

Let me merely say that the argument of the anti-suffragettes now begin to have more weight with me. If this is the character of women in politics, if this tactic of pretending to be damsels in distress, victims, armed with female tears is the weapon of women in politics, either men must steel their breasts against any tender feelings ever again toward the weaker sex, or men must remove women from politics.

The behavior of these women is an argument in favor of repealing the Nineteenth Amendment. Of course, by the same token, the behavior of Sen Flake is an argument in favor of repealing the Seventeenth.